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Knak helps Wolters Kluwer healthcare professionals keep up to date

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Company provides trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that drive effective decision-making across various fields in healthcare. The company specializes in clinical effectiveness, learning, research, and safety.


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Wolters Kluwer sends out millions of emails a week to people in the healthcare sector. Those emails keep healthcare professionals up to date on the latest developments in their field. Healthcare professionals are busy people. The emails need to be clean, easy to view, and because of the volume Wolters Kluwer handles, easy to produce. They also need to follow brand guidelines for various medical societies.


Knak simplifies the email creation process. Because technical skills are not required, training is minimal and employees can create emails quickly and easily. “Knak allows us to scale,” says Stacey Zur, Wolters Kluwer’s Director, Digital Marketing Automation & Operations for Health Learning, Research & Practice. “I can simply bring an employee in, show them how to use Knak, and they can start creating emails immediately!”


Better Click-Through Rate

Of all the millions of emails Wolters Kluwer sends out, the ones created with Knak generate the most results. “These are our best-performing emails in terms of open and click-through,” says Zur. “And that’s because of Knak.”

Brand Control

The company is able to build beautiful emails around the work the medical societies are doing, with guardrails that follow society guidelines and brands.


By making it very easy for Wolters Kluwer to accommodate the needs of its partners, Knak gives the company tremendous flexibility.

No coding or technical skills are needed

Because no coding is required, Wolters Kluwer can simply bring an employee in, show them how to use Knak, and they can start creating emails immediately.

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