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Knak returns creative control to the DISH marketing department

“DISHmergencies” are now handled easily

  • Cut in half

    Days to create a standard email

  • 2 days

    Time to create an emergency email

  • 10 hours

    Saved each week


DISH Network Corporation is a U.S.-based television and wireless services provider with over 19 million customers. It is the owner of the direct broadcast satellite provider DISH, and the streaming service Sling TV. DISH also delivers consumer wireless services through Boost Mobile and other brands.


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DISH had a bottleneck issue with passing feedback to the email designers from approvers in its Programming, Strategy, and Legal departments. The marketing team would receive feedback by email, type up a word document containing the relevant information, send the feedback document and any changed assets to IT and wait for them to make changes. They would have to start the process over again until everything was approved and could move to launch.

The company was looking for a tool that would give its marketers the ability to create, and not have to rely on IT.


Knak streamlined the email creation, approvals and iteration process by allowing everything to be done in one single system. No more having to type up emails in word documents to send to IT: Everything happens in the same platform. With Knak, IT can concentrate on what it does best and leave the creative side to marketing.


Streamlined Processes

DISH has been able to streamline its email creation process in every aspect. Email creation time has been cut in half, from 15 business days to about eight. In marketing emergency situations, they can do it in just two days.

Ease of use

Creation of emails has improved immensely. DISH can now draw from a variety of prebuilt templates in Knak. Swapping in new assets and copy is simple, straightforward, and immediate.

Creative Control

The marketing department has more creative control. For example, it can easily pad areas correctly, use the correct fonts, and swap objects in and out in a simple and intuitive way.

Brand consistency

It’s now easy to make small changes to emails that reinforce brand elements and make the emails look as beautiful as possible. The result is better brand consistency across the board.

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