Email Testing

Create, collaborate, build, and test your email across multiple email clients - all in the same spot.

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Full transparency

You're already doing creation and collaboration in Knak - now consolidate and streamline your testing, too. Email Testing allows you to ensure proper viewing, no matter the client. No more questions, and all answers together on one screen. Gain confidence from seeing how your emails really look, and never worry about dark mode again.

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Quality is key

Knak is passionate about your campaigns. We know delivering on-brand and accessible emails is important to you. Having flaws in your email campaign is no longer tolerable in today's competitive marketing climate. With Knak, email errors across platforms are no longer a concern.

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See what your
customers see

See how your email campaigns will look - and work - just as your customers would. View your email on a mobile device or desktop; in Light or Dark Mode. And now, rendering issues across multiple email clients, are a problem of the past.

Why marketing teams love Knak

  • 95%faster speed to market

  • 22 minutesto create an email*

  • 10K+marketers using Knak

* On average, for enterprise customers

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Take your email testing to the next level.

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