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Knak takes pressure off the Citrix marketing team

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    Weekly emails no longer being hand-coded

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    People able to create emails with Knak

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    People able to create emails before Knak


Citrix Systems Inc. is a multinational cloud computing software company with more than 400,000 customers worldwide. It builds secure, unified digital workspace technology that helps organizations unlock human potential and deliver a consistent workspace experience wherever work needs to get done. Users get a seamless work experience, and IT has a unified platform to secure, manage and monitor diverse technologies in complex cloud environments.


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Citrix struggled to find an email creation system it could scale up on demand, without compromising flexibility and creativity. The way things were, strict brand guidelines led to limited creativity, as marketers were restricted to rigid template designs. Only five people in the entire company were able to create emails, and because the emails were being hand-coded – a time-consuming process – the company was struggling to keep up with demand.


Knak allowed for the creation of branded modules that made it easy to protect brand standards, while leaving room for creativity. Because there were no more templates, there was greater design flexibility. And because no coding was required, the email creation process was quicker, easier and able to be done by a greater number of people. See how Knak's integration with Adobe Marketo Engage helps marketing teams create emails and landing pages.


Using Knak has really changed the way we work,” says Cory Riley, the Marketing Operations Solution Lead at Citrix.

In a matter of weeks, we went from having just five people creating emails to over 80 people with the ability to create emails,” says Riley.

  • Managers who want to check on the progress of a campaign no longer need to ask for a presentation. They can see emerging campaigns email in Knak and chime in without slowing down the team.
  • Now, Citrix has dozens of marketers creating emails, and the branded modules they use can be locked down to maintain the look and feel of their brand all over the world. This finally allowed the company to keep up with demand – and it lets Riley focus on other parts of his job.
  • Once they started using Knak, “I could actually sleep at night,” says Riley, adding that Knak lets him do his job to the best of his ability.
  • Ryan O’Shea, the Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Citrix, adds that processes have improved because marketers can be more creative in their campaigns and messaging. With Knak, he says, they are not locked down to a rigid structure.
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