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GURU Events manages two large virtual conferences. Launched in 2022, the company’s annual GURU Conference is the world’s largest virtual conference dedicated to email marketing. Focusing on the latest digital trends, email best practices, and emerging tools, the conference drew 13,000 participants at its inaugural event and was on track to be even bigger in 2023. GURU Events is also responsible for the Delivered Conference, the world’s largest virtual direct mail gathering.


Florida, USA


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GURU Events faced significant speed challenges due to their high production volume of campaigns, including promotional emails, newsletters, and transactional emails. Founder, Jay Schwedelson highlights the invaluable role of Knak, a platform that accelerates their production process.


GURU Events needed to speed up the email process from concept through development, testing, and debugging of rendering issues. It has been able to do so because of Knak’s features and its ease of use. “Knak has made everything lightning quick,” says Michael Guinoo, Director of Creative Services. “The biggest advantage is that, because no coding is necessary, Knak has allowed me to pull in team members who don’t have technical experience.”


Fast, no-code creation

Not having to know any technical code speeds up processes for the marketing team. As an example of this, because everything, including images, is all in one place, the person creating an email can drag and drop an image right into the email without having to ask for help. By eliminating the need to add code to indicate the location of the image, this feature speeds up email creation considerably.

Flexibility for how the team needs to work

Knak allows users to either start designing emails from a template or build something from scratch. Both features work very well. Which approach the creative team uses depends on the type of email they want to send, the audience they are trying to reach and the time constraints they are facing. If they need to, they can get something done in less than an hour.

Simplicity with collaboration and ease of use

Knak is both easy to use and easy to teach. Of particular value for GURU Events is Knak’s collaboration feature, which allows users to post notes for other team members inside the platform and make changes very quickly.

Efficient, seamless sync and technical solidity

Knak is technically solid. It syncs well with various marketing automation platforms and cuts the amount of time spent dealing with bugs like rendering issues. Customer service is responsive and handles queries quickly.

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