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Knak + Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage

Knak’s comprehensive integration with Adobe Marketo Engage simplifies the email and landing page creation process.

This means even your most non-technical marketers can create beautiful emails & landing pages on their own, with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that seamlessly sync into Marketo. We are a long-time Adobe partner and can be found on the Adobe Exchange.

What it does

  • Create and Sync: Build, collaborate, and approve emails & landing pages in Knak and then push to a Marketo Program in a single click.
  • Sync uploads HTML to Marketo Programs, including:
    • Subject Line
    • Preheader text
    • From and Reply-To values
    • Required Marketo Syntax
    • Plain text
  • Edit in Marketo: Provides flexibility to edit the email & landing page in Marketo
post sync.
  • Reduce the burden on marketing operations: During deployment with ability to clone program templates and schedule email sends in Knak.
  • Dynamic Content: Unlock the benefits of Velocity scripting without having to write any code

Key Features

Marketo Sync:

  • Integration Type: REST API
  • Tokens: All Marketo tokens are fully supported (Person, Company, Program,
My, Member).
  • Programs: Sync emails and landing pages directly to a Marketo Program of your choice. You can choose the program you want to sync to directly from Knak.
  • Sync Restrictions: Limit which workspaces/folders each user can sync to.

Emails & Landing Pages :

  • Syntax: All Knak emails & landing pages are automatically synced to include all the required Marketo syntax. Emails are 2.0 and landed pages are Guided.
  • Plain Text: Knak automatically generates and pushes the plain text of your emails over into Marketo.
  • Custom Forms: Pull in forms directly from Marketo to Knak landing page builder. Style Marketo forms from Knak with no coding required.
    • Design capabilities: Checkboxes, asterisk positions and colours, labels, field inputs, padding.
    • Progressive profiling, prefill forms, redirect overrides: Fully compatible with Marketo.
    • Preview: See what your form would actually look like until you synced to your marketing automation platform.

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Clone Programs: Clone Marketo programs directly from Knak.
  • Schedule email sends: Schedule Marketo email sends directly from Knak (can be limited with Knak user permissions).

Dynamic Content

  • Create sophisticated personalized emails directly in Knak without the need to switch tools or fiddle with dynamic elements in Marketo. You can use tokens and custom objects.
  • Easily preview your emails to see exactly which elements are dynamic — and how they'll appear to each recipient.
  • Comment and collaborate on dynamic emails and clearly see what elements are dynamic.
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Our ability to hire people without requiring technical skills easily saves us the cost of Knak each year.

Tessa Norton

Director of Marketing Strategy

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