Featured: The 2020 Email Creation Maturity Model

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Pardot Pro Tips for Successful (and Scalable) B2B Email Marketing in Salesforce - Pt. 2!

Marketing Ops rockstar, Sara Mcnamara, is back to share some more Pardot pro tips for successful email marketing in Salesforce. Read on for how to send better emails and use the insight you’re getting to improve your strategy.
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Email Design

Dark Mode: Avoiding Common Rendering Issues

It’s #darktober, and since Dark Mode is making headlines right now, we had a chat with our Senior Visual Designer, Asra Sarfraz, and Knak Developer & Email Specialist, Jack Steele, to get their tips for using Knak to create emails that look great in the dark.
Email Development

How Knak Does Email: Optimizing Preview Text

Never see “View this email in your browser” again! Optimize your preview text, and take advantage of some valuable email real estate.

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