Featured: The 2020 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey

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What We’ve Learned About Collaboration (and How We’re Improving It at Knak)

When this year started, none of us could have predicted the situation we’d be facing within just a few months. In the span of a few days, offices were shuttered, living rooms became offices, and…
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It’s Time for the 2020 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey

Each year, Knak conducts an Email Marketing Benchmark Survey. We survey thousands of Marketers and Marketing Ops leaders about everything from deliverability and open rates to design trends, team structure, and time-to-market and then share…
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7 UX Strategies for Great Email Design

Applying UX design practices to your emails can increase conversion, drive revenue, and improve brand awareness. Here are 7 principles to borrow for your emails right now!

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