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Guild Education is a private firm that partners with Fortune 1000 companies to offer education benefits to their employees. Guild works with its client employers and academic partner institutions to facilitate access to education and training programs, with an eye to helping organizations build better teams. This also helps working adults chart new paths to personal and professional success.


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At Guild, customization is key. Each employer they work with has a unique education policy, and different enrolment steps for hundreds of possible programs. Guild’s marketing operations team, which owns communications for the whole company, must therefore be able to offer a highly customized email experience that supports the diverse needs of the company’s clients, and helps the team scale up on demand. It’s all about delivering highly customized content to the right people at the right time.

However, the templates provided by Guild’s marketing automation platform were inflexible and cumbersome, making it difficult for them to do that. Rendering issues, for example, were a common headache.


Knak syncs seamlessly with the company’s marketing platform. As a result, Guild has been able to up its design game, creating emails that are brand-forward and visually engaging, and that ultimately deliver an improved user experience.


A better click-to-open rate

After they swapped some older email templates for new designs built in Knak, Guild noticed a 92% increase in the click-to-open rate.

Ability to use Knak in other areas

Guild was so impressed with the outcome of its first Knak-built emails, they started using Knak to build emails for other parts of their funnel. For example, Guild has recently begun using branded emails for the onboarding of new customers. The results have been positive, so they are planning to implement something similar on the student experience side as well.

Peace of mind

For the Guild team, the peace of mind that comes from using Knak has been a game-changer. Because they no longer have to worry about rendering issues, they can focus on creating better emails, and creating them faster.

Easy customization

Using a module-based email creation platform has made it easy for Guild’s marketing operations team to build customized emails quickly. And they’ve been able to standardize branded modules, so that anyone can create emails. This helps Guild maintain its brand identity, while delivering a high level of customization. As the demand for customization grows, Guild has been able to easily move its campaigns away from a one-size-fits-all approach. The company is easily able to keep things fresh by tweaking the look of an email or adding new content.

Ease of use

Guild has found Knak to be so user-friendly, the company’s designers were able to open it up and start building immediately, even before being given a demonstration of how it works. And because Guild’s designers are now able to build emails directly in Knak and sync them to Adobe Marketo Engage, this saves time for the entire team.

Ability to focus on moving the needle

Because they no longer worry about rendering issues, marketing operations people can use their brain power to think creatively about other things.

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