Getting More Out of Knak: Introducing Knak Launch for Marketo

  • Tania Blake

    Tania Blake

Published Jul 21, 2020

Introducing Knak Launch for Marketo


Streamline Marketo campaigns with Knak Launch: A game-changer for non-technical marketers to create and deploy emails without coding skills.

Create, Schedule, and Deploy Marketo Programs in Knak

At Knak, we are very hands on with our customers. Client recommendations often make their way into our product roadmap, so when we received requests regarding the creation and deployment of email campaigns outside of Marketo, we got to work on a new feature.

Marketo can be tricky to learn. Training is time-intensive and expensive, but without it, the likelihood of an inexperienced user derailing or “breaking” your instance increases.

As marketers ourselves, we understand this challenge, and we know that since the demand for new email campaigns has never been higher, marketing ops teams are busier than ever.

We’re committed to improving the entire email creation lifecycle, from creation to deployment, so we’ve added a brand new feature to our industry-leading platform that allows non-technical marketers to build and launch campaigns without setting foot in Adobe Marketo Engage.

Introducing Knak Launch for Marketo

Knak Launch allows teams to create, schedule, and deploy Marketo programs directly in Knak. With this powerful update, users can build incredible, on-brand Knak emails, and then deploy Marketo programs through the API.

💪🏼 Empower non-technical users to build and launch email campaigns – quickly, simply, and securely

✅ Simplify and scale the email creation process from beginning to end – get campaigns to market quickly without touching a line of code

😅 Take the stress off the marketing ops team – send more emails without increasing team size

Now, you can get Marketo campaigns to market in two easy steps:

  • Create Marketo emails with Knak’s drag and drop email builder
  • Review and launch your campaign in minutes

As always, no coding is required, and brand standards remain intact.

Knak Launch is included with all Builder and Enterprise subscriptions with a Marketo integration, free of charge.

Part of the Whole

This new feature is a natural fit for Knak + Marketo users, but it’s just one small part of what your email creation platform should do for you. Here are a few other key functions you should be looking for to scale campaign creation at your organization:

  • No more templates: Look for a platform that builds emails with modules, not templates, and has a simple, drag & drop builder. Modules provide greater flexibility and allow for better creative control, and a drag & drop feature makes it easy for anyone to create incredible emails.
  • Better brand guardrails: Good branding is critical to your overall success. If you’re creating emails in a platform without strong brand controls, you’re essentially putting your brand in the hands of whoever is creating emails that day. Make sure you can lock down fonts, colours, headers, etc so your brand standards remain intact.
  • Unlimited creativity: Your platform should offer an unlimited amount of modules so you can create anything your team comes up with.
  • Simple collaboration: Builders should be able to collaborate, collect feedback, and gather approvals all in one place, even across decentralized teams.
  • Better integration: Emails should sync seamlessly to your marketing automation or sending platform. Many teams send emails through platforms other than their MAP, so look for a platform-agnostic solution that integrates with anything you’re using.

Your email creation platform is one of your greatest assets. Make sure it offers the tools you need to create campaigns quickly and scale operations seamlessly.

If you want to explore Knak Launch for Marketo further, you can learn more about it here.

With Knak, anyone can build beautiful emails that keep your brand at the center. Want to see how it works? Let’s chat! Schedule a demo and let us show you how Knak makes it easy to create incredible emails from start to finish.

Not ready to chat yet? Browse our product page to learn more.

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  • Tania Blake


    Tania Blake


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