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U.K. company adopts standardized emails, easing employee frustration

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Utility warehouse (UW) bundles home services such as cell phone, landline, broadband, gas, electricity and insurance into one bill. It is the only multiservice utility provider in the United Kingdom.


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UW operates through a network of 45,000 partners, who are its interface with its customers. The company communicates with its partners by email. However, their email communications were so full of inconsistencies in font, style and appearance that they sometimes looked like ransom notes. It was no joking matter: People would sometimes call to complain, saying they were afraid to open emails because they looked like phishing attempts. UW was looking to unify its brand so that its communications felt familiar, authoritative and legitimate.


Knak’s solution was to build an integration for Acoustic, UW’s email creation platform at the time. And when UW started using another platform called Braze, Knak added on another integration for that platform as well.


Stable, reusable modules

The company can easily create modules (for example, a box in a specific colour) that can be used and reused. As a result, UW can put emails together quickly, and be confident what they see in the building tool will display correctly across different email systems.

Increased ability to respond to requests

Because Knak is easy to use, the number of people able to create emails has increased 20-fold. As a result, the company is better able to respond to requests, and finds itself saying ‘no’ less often.


Some parts of UW’s business require quick turnaround for email creation – sometimes just one day. That used to be a struggle. Not anymore. By creating a single place for building, previewing, fine-tuning and approving an email, the whole process has been speeded up. Emails can be created and sent in mere hours.


With speed comes agility, the ability to respond to rapidly changing circumstances, such as new campaigns, new initiatives and new automations. This includes the ability to communicate directly with customers – something the company historically did not do – as well as use Knak to send out operational emails, such as bill and meter readings, that previously had been painful to build.

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