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Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of irrigation and outdoor lighting equipment for use in landscaping, golf courses, agriculture and other sectors. Founded in 1981, Hunter sells in more than 120 countries under five brands.


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A global company working in 120 countries and providing marketing material in up to 21 languages, Hunter Industries was finding it difficult to manage its various brands. Email creation was cumbersome and the company faced the added curveball of having to change its MAP twice over the last few years.

They were looking for a way to increase the autonomy of people working across the different brands, and reduce pressure on the central team.


Because Knak is codeless, it allowed the work of creating marketing emails to be spread out to a greater number of people without the hiring of technical staff. The ability to create reusable modules helped speed up work, and made it easy for people working for the different sections of the company to stay on-brand.


Easy to use

Knak is very user-friendly and intuitive, says Tessa Norton, Director of Marketing Strategy at Hunter Industries. The customer service, she adds, has been great.

Adaptable to various MAPs

Hunter Industries had to change its MAP multiple times over the last few years. Knak worked seamlessly with each. “That’s been incredibly useful, because it allowed us to maintain our templates,” says Norton.

Less chance of human error

Knak, says Norton, lets a lot of people build emails, but limits who can send those emails out. “It creates that oversight that helps avoid human error.


If you’re building an email, you don’t have to start from scratch every time,” says Norton. “You can take a prebuilt module and plug it in. We have different brands, and those brands have different colours and different unsubscribe buttons, and yet with Knak everyone is able to go in and quickly and easily build emails and export them in a way that’s friendly to the MAP. It speaks to how universal Knak is as a platform.

Modules everyone can use

With Knak, Conductor is able to build header and footer modules that any department can use in their emails.


Norton says Knak has allowed Hunter Industries to switch quickly from one MAP to another and adapt to its various brands. "It has also made it very easy to train people to create emails because no technical skills are required. That translates into cost savings, because the company has not had to hire technical staff to help with email creation. The Knak team has been amazing,” says Norton. “Nothing we threw at them was ever a ‘no.’ The team always had or found a solution. Everyone says they’re customer-focused, but Knak truly is. I don’t consider Knak a vendor. Knak is an essential partner for us.


We’ve gone from having one person creating emails to seven,” says Norton. “Because Knak is so user-friendly, we’ve been able to allow different people in different brands to build out emails for themselves. They can be self-sufficient and create emails for their brands and functions, and give them to our communications team to send. It’s allowed us to spread out the work.

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