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Conductor, a content intelligence platform, empowers marketers with customer intent insights for enterprise brands. Marketers leverage these insights to craft compelling content, boosting organic traffic and enhancing marketing ROI.


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Conductor was having problems giving its people a platform that let them experiment quickly and easily with creative ideas. They felt particularly hamstrung when it came to email testing. The existing process, which used their marketing automation platform, was way too slow.

Before Knak, they had to build a new template from scratch, or re-code an existing one, every time they wanted to run a test. This could take days or even weeks, and it kept their team from experimenting with new strategies. It also meant that the stakes for new ideas were high, because so much was invested in each test.


Knak emails are built using a module-based, drag-and-drop email platform. This allows emails to be built in a matter of minutes. Once they started using Knak, the marketing team discovered that the pressure was off, and they could start testing their ideas quickly.


Greater agility

Because the team no longer has to spend weeks building new templates whenever they want to test an idea, they have become more agile – something that’s brought benefits to the entire marketing team. The company’s marketing team is really collaborative, so sharing these ideas allows all facets of marketing to benefit from the new tactics being tried out.


By making small adjustments to their branding, Conductor is able to use different versions for certain groups, another idea they have the freedom to test now.

Ability to focus on other areas

With the guesswork taken out of design, Conductor has been able to use their brain power in other areas, for example on strengthening their brand and creating more engaging and interactive experiences for their customers.

A modernized (and customized) design approach

Conductor has different modules for different programs. With Knak, they can easily manage design elements for each campaign, logo and treatment. They also realized that Knak keeps up with evolving email trends, and offers early access to new features via beta tests.

Modules everyone can use

With Knak, Conductor is able to build header and footer modules that any department can use in their Adobe Marketo Engage emails.

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