Ignite your creative spark with Knak’s Inspiration Centre

  • Tracy Harris

    Tracy Harris

    Vice President of Marketing, Knak

Published Oct 12, 2022

Knak’s Inspiration Centre


Fuel your email creativity with Knak's Inspiration Centre: Explore pre-built emails and landing pages from top marketers to ignite your campaigns.

For marketers, sometimes a small spark is all that is needed to ignite a creative and captivating campaign. The pressures of project management and efficient workflows or complicated technology and process, however, often zap the time and space needed for creative thinking or are so complicated that creativity becomes an afterthought.

It’s true – technology has definitely given us advantages in efficiency and precision, there is no doubt about it. Digital tools give marketers the chance to optimize, track, measure, and evaluate their efforts. However, there comes a point when creative thinking gets so clouded by process, that creativity gets crushed. So much so, that in-house marketers often have to outsource the creative work to agencies.

How do we balance technology, process and creativity? For email marketers in need of a creative boost, look no further than Knak’s newly-launched Inspiration Centre.

The new home of inspiration

Knak already provides the ability to empower marketers to be creative with it’s no-code email and landing page creation platform that helps marketers create campaigns in minutes. However, today it’s helping to solve a new challenge – helping its customers get inspired to be creative with the brand-new Inspiration Centre.

The Inspiration Centre is the first centre of its kind that provides marketers with collections of creative emails and landing pages based on successful campaigns from Fortune 100 companies, all located within Knak’s platform. Unique to Knak, the Inspiration Centre features hundreds of transformable examples of both emails and landing pages with no coding required, inspiring marketers to level up their campaigns and create their assets in minutes. Inside, you’ll find hundreds of ideas for pre-built emails and landing pages, which you can simply clone and edit to fit your own branding and messaging. It’s somewhere you can find inspiration and get your creative juices flowing. It’s also a window into what some of the best minds in marketing are doing.

Inside the Inspiration Centre

The idea is simple yet powerful. There’s no reason to wait for inspiration to come to you when you can browse inspiring and beautifully created assets in an instant.

Explore the growing library of designs where there are currently more than a hundred emails and landing pages to choose from, and they can be fully re-branded and customized to suit your needs.

Filters make it easy to categorize the catalogue. Whether you need something a little special – for an important news announcement, a webinar invite with the wow-factor, or an engaging event follow-up – you can easily view emails relevant to the type you’re sending.

Once you’ve found the one that you want, all it takes is a few clicks to make it your own. Save it to a brand and campaign folder, remove any copyrighted content, and it’s time to get creative. Change the elements, adjust the colours, and fine-tune the copy. Then, at the sync of a button to your marketing automation platform, you’re ready to launch!

Inspiring marketers to be creative

The beauty of having an ever-expanding store of carefully-crafted email campaign assets is that you’re able to be fully immersed in creativity. The Inspiration Centre encourages marketers to think outside the box, build on other people’s ideas, and make them their own. From pre-built emails to engaging landing pages, find the inspiration you need, when you need it the most.

Whether you’re A-B testing creative content, or ready to take risks to extend your resonance and reach, the Inspiration Centre helps you embrace a creative culture. Learning from other marketers’ assets to inspire your own, means you can get inspiring content out the door faster, and take advantage of what others have learned without having to start from scratch every time. More importantly, using Knak’s email creation platform, marketers get the chance to be freely creative, with no coding required.

Interested to find out more about The Inspiration Centre? Watch our webinar replay about the Inspiration Centre here.

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  • Tracy Harris


    Tracy Harris

    Vice President of Marketing, Knak

    Tracy is a passionate marketer with over 20 years of experience in B2B Marketing. Working at companies such as Entrust, Cognos, IBM and Trend Marketing, Tracy has experience in analytics, branding, product marketing, campaigns, demand generation, partner marketing and sales enablement. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys time outdoors with her family and three dogs at the lake in the summer and hitting the slopes and watching hockey during winter.

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