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Drive more registrations and attendees with a beautifully designed webinar email.

What is a Webinar Email?

A webinar email is sent to invite individuals to an online webinar event. The email will contain information like the webinar date, time, duration of the webinar, speakers, and the key theme. Webinar emails may also include subsequent reminder emails for registrations to encourage them to save the date and share the webinar attendance link.

Who uses Webinar Emails?

Any marketing team running a virtual event should consider the content of their webinar emails. Webinar emails help to invite attendees and improve event registration, but follow-up reminder messages can ensure high attendance and engagement.


What to include in a Webinar Email?

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a webinar email. Here are some of the email elements to consider.

What to include in a Webinar Email?
Email Design Element Best Practices
Send TimeSchedule your webinar email to be sent during business hours on a weekday, avoiding weekends and holidays.
SenderUse a recognizable and trustworthy sender name and email address.
Subject LineCreate a sense of urgency or excitement to encourage invitees to register. Consider including the topic or title of the webinar, the date, and time in the subject line.
Preview TextHighlight a key benefit of the webinar and why the invitee should attend.
Body ContentProvide a brief introduction of the webinar topic, benefits, presenters, and include details like date, time, and webinar platform.
Call-to-action (CTA)Use action-oriented language, such as "Register now" or "Sign up today."
PersonalizationUse the recipient's name.
BrandingUse the brand logo in recommended resolution; use brand fonts and colour scheme.
FooterStandard branded footer with email, telephone, and full address. Provide clear contact information in case the user needs assistance with their interaction.

Anatomy of a Webinar Email

Let’s look at an example from Asana.


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Webinar Email Examples

BounceX - Live Marketing Webinar

BounceX invites marketers to learn organic SEO strategies.

What works well:

  • Strong branding elements
  • Compelling copy
  • Unique CTA

DocuSign - Webinar Invitation Email

DocuSign invites enterprise customers to attend a webinar on the benefits of its product offering

What works well:

  • CTA positioning
  • Key features highlighted
  • Simple, effective design

Zoom - Zoom Webinar Basics

Zoom invites customers to a series of webinars on using Zoom for business.

What works well:

  • Clear CTA
  • Multiple event offering
  • Visual design and layout

HubSpot - Email Marketing Webinar

HubSpot invites email marketers to a webinar to learn more about its marketing automation platform and CMS.

What works well:

  • Visual design
  • CTA placement
  • Key takeaways presented using bullet points

Asana - Customer Case Study Webinar

Asana invites attendees to learn how their customers achieved great results with their software.

What works well:

  • Compelling headline
  • Simple, easy-to-read design
  • Clear CTA

Hootsuite - Webinar Invite

Hootsuite moves away from the standard webinar invite with this boldly designed and enticing email that leans into their brand voice.

What works well:

  • Branding is unique and bold
  • Key details are easily visible
  • Repetition of CTA increases registration likelihood
Hootsuite - Webinar Invite

Trailblazers DX - Dreamforce Virtual Sessions

This email shines a light on some of the best keynote sessions from Dreamforce using smart design, clear CTAs, and concise copy.

What works well:

  • Dark Mode design is beautiful
  • Multiple high-contrast CTAs
  • Speaker section builds authority and trust
Trailblazers DX - Dreamforce Virtual Sessions

Email Camp 2022 - Webinar Confirmation

Sinch keeps things clear and concise with this webinar confirmation email that leaves the recipient everything they need to know at a glance.

What works well:

  • Design is simple yet effective
  • Key details are highlighted in the copy
  • Personalized access within the CTA
Email Camp 2022 - Webinar Confirmation

Canva - Announcing Canva Create

Canva invites their users to attend their annual "Canva Create" event, where they announce and highlight upcoming additions to their platform.

What works well:

  • On-brand, visually appealing design
  • Repeated CTA increases engagement
  • Uses opportunity to promote their app

Decibel - Building Optimization Teams

Decibel invites their stakeholders to attend their webinar on effectively creating digital optimization teams.

What works well:

  • Webinar topics provided for context
  • Viewers have an opportunity to learn more about Decibel
  • Event details are prominently displayed

Zoom - Product Update Webinar

Zoom invites customers to join their upcoming webinar where they'll showcase their latest new products, feature releases, and more.

What works well:

  • Clear, compelling CTA
  • Offers absent registrants a recording
  • Webinar details are highly visible

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