59+ Emails that Build Your Brand

  • Tania Blake

    Tania Blake

Published Apr 2, 2020

Emails that Build Your Brand


Maximize your brand's impact with 59+ email types across departments, ensuring consistent, on-brand messaging in every communication.

Automated emails are a Marketer’s best friend, but they’re also widely used by other departments. Some of our most forward thinking Marketo, Eloqua, SFMC, Adobe Campaign and Pardot customers have told us that they’re starting to set up more and more use cases for departments outside of Marketing, with Sales, Customer Success, Support, and HR getting on board.

It makes perfect sense to us. We’re all about getting stuff done with existing technology without spending more money, so we love to see teams leverage their MarTech stack to benefit other departments.

The thing that has us worried however, is that the email landscape outside of marketing tends to be a bit like the wild, wild west. It’s every email for itself, and all those beautiful brand guardrails that Marketing collaborated (fought?) over go right out the window.

We’re committed to helping organizations create on-brand emails that look amazing no matter who sends them, so whenever we see a plain text, unbranded email with barely a recognizable header in sight, a piece of our brand-loving heart dies.

Here’s an insider tip, straight from Knak to you: when you use an enterprise email creation platform like Knak, every email, from every department, can look just as good as your marketing campaigns.

The modules you build with your branded headers, footer, fonts, colours, etc can be used by any department, so emails can easily be built and shared using Knak and then sent by your other automation platforms.

This is great news for SMBs because it means that consistent branding is a piece of cake. It’s great news for enterprises because it means that brand controls remain in place across decentralized teams and locations.

The possibilities are really widespread, so we’ve compiled a list of 59 emails that can be easily built, well-branded, and leveraged into your automation platforms, saving time across departments and keeping your brand at the center of all your messaging.

Introductory Emails

  • Thank you – thanks for signing up for our newsletter/taking a survey/etc.
  • Welcome – welcome to your subscription; we’re glad you’re here!
  • Get to know us – here’s a little about us and who to contact if you need help.
  • Tell us more – let us know your position/birthday/industry, etc.
  • Almost there – you almost requested a demo/started a trial/downloaded an ebook. Take the next step and finish the job.
  • Opt in confirmation – we’re so glad you want to hear from us.

Transactional Emails

  • Transaction confirmation (receipt)
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Tracking update
  • Backorder notification/replenishment
  • Cart abandonment
  • Price drop
  • Wish list reminder
  • Blog updates – we have a new post!
  • Content follow up – you downloaded this, so we thought you might like that.

Community Building Emails

  • Tell us more – what kind of content are you interested in? What are your pain points?
  • Join the community – follow us on social media and get to know our brand(s).
  • Download our app – don’t miss out on new products/discounts/insider info.
  • Review – do you love what you bought? We want to know.
  • Testimonials – you’ve been using our product for X months/completed your X project. Care to tell us how it’s going?
  • Referral – tell your colleagues about us, get a discount/credit/etc.

Selling Emails

  • Best rated products – check out the products our customers love most.
  • Product recommendations – since you purchased this, we think you’ll love that.
  • Need more? – are you running out of that product you purchased six weeks ago? Get more here.
  • Upselling – here’s what you’ll gain by taking your subscription to the next level.
  • Top of mind campaign – here are some recent reviews/updates/milestones/events you should know about.

Invitation Emails

  • Webinar invites – we’re hosting a webinar; here’s why you shouldn’t miss it.
  • Event invites* – our event is going to be amazing; please come!
  • Event reminders – our event is tonight/tomorrow/next week. Can’t wait to see you!
  • Event follow up – thanks for coming. Now check out this related content.

*For more on creating killer event invites, check out our How Knak Does Email post.

Your Account Emails

  • User activity update – check out how many projects you’ve completed/how much you’ve exercised, traveled, written, etc. Way to go!
  • Loyalty points update – you have X points and they expire on X; you’re almost at the next level.
  • Campaign summary – we’re working towards X, and here’s how it’s going. Please join us before it’s too late!

Account Maintenance Emails

  • Account expiring soon – your subscription will be renewed soon; see your options here.
  • Discount expiring soon – want to save $$? Use your discount by this date!
  • Bday/anniversary emails – a gift from us to you.
  • Thanks for trying us out – thanks for completing a free trial. Here’s a final discount offer.
  • Reactivation emails – we miss you! Can we still keep in touch?
  • Goodbye – thanks for being our customer. We appreciate you, and we hope you’ll be back.

HR Emails

  • Application receipt confirmation
  • Candidate screenings needed
  • Employee onboarding
  • Password setup
  • Email signature setup
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Employee satisfaction surveys/feedback
  • Referral programs
  • Birthday messages
  • Expense requests

Supply Chain Emails

  • Vendor onboarding
  • Targeted messaging
  • Pricing/invoicing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory updates
  • Shipping/tracking notifications

Sales Emails

  • Sales sequences
  • Demo scheduling/confirmation
  • Thank you/follow up
  • Feedback request

Not every email needs marketing campaign-level design, but even making sure that headers, footers, fonts, and colours are consistent across departments can go a long way towards solidifying your brand identity and delivering consistent branding.

Use the capabilities you’ve already got in Knak, and deliver beautiful, on-brand emails – from Marketing to HR, Sales to Customer Success – every time.

Want to learn more about extending that marketing campaign magic beyond the Marketing department? Let’s chat!

Looking for inspiration for your next email campaign? Check out our Email Gallery to see 50+ high-converting email examples spanning over 10+ campaign categories.

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