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FTI Consulting boosts email production speed, quadruples output capacity

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    Increase in company email output capacity

  • 100%

    Reduction in email training requirements


FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global business advisory firm that helps organizations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes, be they financial, legal, operational, political & regulatory, reputational or transactional.


Washington DC, USA


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FTI sends marketing emails to high-powered prospects around the globe. The company was having trouble consistently creating emails that were crisp, on-brand and able to display correctly across all platforms and devices. Their inability to fix this long-standing problem was putting the company’s image at risk. The company also found it difficult to move quickly. Under the best of circumstances, it could take a week or more to create an email. And because their email editor was cumbersome, few people inside the company were willing to be trained to create emails. There seemed to be no way out.


The company discovered that Knak solved two issues. First, it allowed for the speedy creation of device-stable, professional-looking emails. For the first time ever, FTI was confident that the marketing emails it was producing would be on-brand no matter how they were viewed. And learning to use Knak proved to be so easy, and take so little time, that more people in the company were willing to be trained.



The email creation process was speeded up considerably. Instead of taking days or even weeks to create emails, the company was able to create them in mere hours, even in as little as 30 minutes. This gave FTI the agility to respond to urgent requests, and the capability to do better work on routine jobs.


Before Knak was introduced, people at FTI struggled with consistency. It was hard to get emails looking as they should on all platforms and devices. Now, they can create great-looking, on-brand emails with minimal effort.


FTI is now confident that any email sent out will appear just as it should, no matter which client is viewing it on whatever device or platform.

Ease of training

Users can be trained to use Knak in less than an hour. Because using Knak is easy, the number of people trained to create emails more than quadrupled, jumping from 30 to 125.

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