The only test you’ll be excited about… Knak’s new Email Testing capabilities

  • Serena Shearly

    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

Published Dec 7, 2022

The only test you’ll be excited about… Knak’s new Email Testing capabilities

Email Testing is a new capability available right in the preview screen of the Knak builder. It shows you in real time all the possible ways your campaign will render across multiple email client options.

Each email client processes received information differently from one another. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook, for example, each handle codes with variances and that’s what makes them all stand out from one another. Depending on the client and device it’s opened from, every opened email will look a little differently because of this. Colours, contrast, placement of text, and even images are all common culprits that can change depending on the mail client an email is opened from. This is especially true when an email is opened in dark mode.

Does Rendering Matter?

You may be wondering, if they’re just small rendering differences, why does it matter to my campaign?

Well, sometimes even a minor change can cause big issues in your email. Consistency and clarity is one of the most important considerations for email marketers and designers. Maintaining an on-brand email across all mail clients is necessary for brand recognition, brand loyalty, and accessibility. For example, maybe one client changes your text colour and makes it too close to the background colour. This can make the entire email not readable. Small flaws or issues within email distribution is no longer an excuse in today’s competitive marketing climate.

Even these seemingly small flaws, like an improperly aligned text box or too low of a colour contrast, can severely impact the quality and accessibility of your campaign. Not only is this visually unappealing, but it can decrease your client’s trust in your brand and the success of your campaign. If customers have a hard time viewing your campaign, the campaign’s success rate will likely fall.

Where Knak Comes In.

Knak was built specifically to allow marketers to take off their coding hat and break down barriers that slow them down, leaving more room to be creative. We hired developers who pour deep knowledge and expertise into creating a framework that allows for a codeless experience in building emails and landing pages. They understand how it will seamlessly integrate with the leading marketing automation platforms so you don’t have to worry about the complexity.

Knak offers the “Optimize” button that flags and identifies any issues that your email may have before you send it.

And now, for those who need the additional boost of confidence, we also offer a new Email Testing feature right in the Knak platform! This allows you to see how your email campaigns will look, and work, just as your customers will across multiple email clients.

What about Mobile or Dark Mode?

So, now I know what my campaigns will look like based on the client. But, what if my customers open the email on their phone or in dark mode?

Knak’s Email Testing capability does that too. We host multiple previews for major email clients of your campaigns including desktop and mobile options, in both light and dark mode. We’re also looking to quickly expand this to provide more clients across more devices, and on more modes soon.

There’s no longer a need for fail-safe options or to simply hope for proper viewing of your campaign. Knak’s Email Testing capability provides assurance during your creation process, so you can hit send with confidence on every campaign.

Want to learn more about our new Email Testing feature? Check out our landing page with a demo video here.

Looking for inspiration for your next email campaign? Check out our Email Gallery to see 50+ high-converting enterprise email examples spanning over 10+ campaign categories.

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  • Serena Shearly


    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

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