Don’t be afraid to hit that send button!

  • Serena Shearly

    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

Published Nov 23, 2022

Don’t be afraid to hit that send button


Ensure your campaigns look perfect across platforms, even in dark mode. Discover how Knak provides full clarity and confidence for your email marketing success.

Introducing dark mode optimization and email testing.

How many times have you agonized over that send button? Hovered around it, wondering if there was something you forgot to do to make that perfect email? Have no fear, Knak is once again here to ease those concerns.

Knak is now introducing our latest innovations right in our campaign creation platform: dark mode optimization and email testing. They are now both available right in Knak. While Knak has always taken care of optimizing your emails for you, these additions will give you the confidence you need that all bases are covered before you hit that send button. And now, you never have to leave your creation environment and run your emails through other technologies to get that boost of confidence. It’s all in your Knak creation platform.

Dark mode optimization provides suggestions right in your building environment as to where your campaign may have downfalls when viewed in dark mode. You can also then view your email with the new email testing function so you can see exactly what your customers will see across various platforms when they view your campaign from the dark side of their device.

Email testing is not only a boon to those who are afraid of dark mode, it is useful to show previews of your already existing email campaigns from multiple clients, devices, and in different modes for that extra boost of confidence any email marketer or marketing ops person needs.

Dark mode is no longer frightening for email marketers

With the increasing popularity of dark mode it’s important to cater to all client preferences. But, dealing with emails in dark mode can be particularly tricky.

There’s no standard way clients process dark mode emails. Colours in particular may vary from client to client which can lead to some pretty funky looking emails sometimes. Knak’s dark mode optimization works to combat this in the easiest possible ways.

In Knak’s “optimize” tab, you’ll now see specific suggestions on where your email can go wrong in dark mode. Contrast between text and background a little low? We’ll let you know by providing insight on exactly where the problem is, and how to fix it.

Then, you can double-check it with our new email testing capability. Since knowing dark mode can be tricky, you’re able to view how all clients on our system process dark mode individually. If there’s any need to change something that’s not quite looking how you’d want, we’ve made it easy to bounce back and forth between viewing and editing all within Knak.

Email Testing making your campaigns stress free

Too often do email campaigns have rendering issues when viewed across platforms. Colour contrasts, text or image alignment, and just about any other aspect of your email has the potential to cause some sort of problem along the way.

Typically, these are small, but at times they can make your entire campaign’s success rate fall. If your contrast is off for example, your customers may not be able to see your text. If your images are misaligned, it may seem off-brand and lower a level of brand trust from your customers.

Luckily, with email testing you can hit send with confidence knowing your emails will be awesome regardless of your customers’ email client or viewing preference. This new feature will show your campaigns just as they will be sent out on gmail, outlook, and in various other popular email clients, all within the Knak platform.

Giving you full confidence in your campaigns

Knak is now providing you with full clarity, and full confidence to send out your emails. There’s no more questions as to what your email will look like and there’s no more fear of the dark mode.

Interested in learning some tips for how to make your emails look great in dark mode? Check out our new landing page with Nicole Merlin’s paper 6 ways to help get you dark mode – ready here.

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  • Serena Shearly


    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

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