#02 From Venture Capitalist to Entrepreneur ft. Evan Liang, LeanData

Pierce Ujjainwalla

By Pierce Ujjainwalla


Published Dec 16, 2020

#02 From Venture Capitalist to Entrepreneur ft. Evan Liang, LeanData

Pierce chats with Evan Liang, the CEO and Co-Founder of Leandata – a critical Salesforce plugin that helps Sales and Marketing improve their data to help drive revenue growth. They dive into what it takes to be a good marketer, and unpack the drive and skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Show Notes

In this interview, Evan shares:

  • What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
  • How to transition from B2C to B2B
  • Why it’s critical to have a solid business partner and founding team
  • How to look at a customer’s problem and find a creative solution
  • How to maintain your company’s culture as you grow

During this interview, Evan talks about his experience in venture capitals and larger corporations like Microsoft and Ebay, as well as how he discovered his drive for finding solutions and uncovering his next big idea.

Evan came up with the application for LeanData while working at Caring. His company purchased Marketo to manage nurture and automation, but after investing in the product, they quickly realized that they couldn’t implement it. Evan used his knowledge and background to integrate Salesforce and Marketo, and the completion of that process led to the realization that he could build a company around this idea.

After sitting down with his mentor, Evan took the leap and started LeanData with Kelvin Cheung. They now have a staff of more than 200, and he is passionate about maintaining the company’s culture as they grow. As Co-Founder, Evan believes that it’s crucial to experience and nurture the culture while valuing your alumni and encouraging employees to pursue their dreams.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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