#01: From Paralegal to President ft. Melissa McCready, Navigate Consulting Group

Pierce Ujjainwalla

By Pierce Ujjainwalla


Published Dec 14, 2020

#01: From Paralegal to President ft. Melissa McCready, Navigate Consulting Group

On this first episode of Unsubscribed!, Pierce chats with Melissa McCready, Founder of Navigate Consulting Group and a 20 year CRM and Marketing Automation veteran. Melissa brings an amazingly diverse perspective to the table, having been on both the client and consulting side of things. She recently became President of the Growth Ops Community, formerly MOCCA, based out of Silicon Valley.

Show Notes

Melissa’s path to CRM and Marketing Automation was not a traditional one. In fact, she started her career as a paralegal and planned to become an attorney! From there, she went on to work in a variety of roles – from accounting to sales to customer success – before eventually joining the world of revenue and growth operations.

“It just kind of naturally happened… it fell in my lap.”

When cloud came online and Salesforce entered the market, Melissa decided to make the move from Illinois to Silicon Valley. There, she held several different business development roles before eventually starting her own consulting business. And the rest, as they say, is history!

“What I love about consulting is this: I love that I get to do a lot of different things, with a lot of different people, and a lot of different types of organizations because you learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t. You’re exposed to different scenarios at a much more rapid pace than you are working in-house.”

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Melissa went from Paralegal to President of the Growth Ops community
  • How she found her niche in consulting
  • How she has successfully run her own business for more than 17 years
  • Her thoughts on the current state of marketing and the role email plays as a marketing channel

Check it out to hear all that and more. Enjoy!

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