The 2023 Benchmark Report survey is out!

  • Serena Shearly

    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

Published Feb 2, 2023

The 2023 Benchmark Report survey


Participate in Knak's 2023 Benchmark Report survey to uncover the latest email and landing page marketing trends and see how you compare.

For the past five years, Knak has created the annual email benchmark report that uncovers all of the email and landing page marketing trends that you need to know about. It gives you insights on both email and landing page trends to see where you stack up against the industry.

The past couple of years have had their ups and downs for sure. The working climate has shifted from primarily in office to hybrid or entirely remotely. This changes how companies do business, how they are run and where they allocate their funding – all factors in how email and landing pages are used.

For now, let’s look at the trends that came out of the 2022 Benchmark Report as we look forward to 2023 — and share how you can get involved.

Tighter budgets were reflected for marketing teams; a career that had been consistently growing for years

In 2022, a big — and shocking — trend was the consistent growth in marketing started to get flat and even downturn.

But, despite the downturn in budgeting, teams are not only asked to do more, they’re asked to do them faster and with fewer team members. This was the biggest and most prominent stat to come out of our 2022 Benchmark Report. So, how did marketing teams manage to do the impossible over this past year? Let’s get into it.

What did we learn from our 2022 Benchmark Report?

Have you heard anyone tell you they think email is dying? Not according to our statistics. 71% of marketers responded saying that they sent and received more emails than ever before. 

Key finding 1

What does this mean for you? Well, you’ll likely want to try to stand out from competitors because of the sheer volume. Having more emails pop into your inbox means less time to spend looking at each one individually.

We also learned that even though emails are so prevalent right now, for many teams it’s still challenging to create them. This could be for many reasons. Tech stacks may be lacking, approval processes are delayed, or even just adding a new design may be a struggle for some. These challenges are all important to consider if you want to see how your company does compared to others, as they can impact your output.

Despite having smaller teams and needing to be more creative with their campaigns, marketers are still able to get their emails out faster than ever. 51% of marketing teams create their emails themselves and 55% of them get their emails out within hours or even a matter of minutes.

Key Finding 2

For most marketers it usually takes less than a day to distribute an email and most of that time is spent in collaboration waiting for approvals.

We want to hear from you, about you!

It’s your chance now to participate in our 2023 Benchmark Report survey. Our report will show all trends in the profession, market, and tech stacks internationally for 2023.

For a limited time receive a gift certificate when you submit a survey. See where you line up, and how other teams are winning at marketing in 2023. Fill out our survey here.

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  • Serena Shearly


    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

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