Knak feature roundup: March 2022. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

  • Sam Munro

    Sam Munro

    Director of Product Management, Knak

Published Mar 9, 2022

Knak feature roundup


Discover Knak's March 2022 updates: new brand management tools, dark mode editing, and enhanced mobile email capabilities for marketers.

To say that it’s an exciting time at Knak would be an understatement.

For starters, after years of being proudly bootstrapped, we recently raised $25 million in Series A funding. This opens the door to numerous new opportunities for us to keep helping marketers be incredibly creative and efficient. If that weren’t enough, every day we get to work with huge global brands, supporting them with the tools they need to stand out to their customers, and learning from them in the process. It’s wild.

As we continue to embrace all of the above, we wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes and share some of the things we’re up to. Check out this video for a 60-second overview of our latest features, and read on for more details if you’d like.

We’re constantly refining our platform

One of the things I love most about Knak is that we were able to get our product-market fit just right before we got our funding. What this means is that instead of having to revisit or build a big part of our product, we now have the chance to invest heavily in constantly refining what we have with new and improved features to help make marketers’ lives easier.

Next-level brand management

While Knak already had great brand management capabilities, we just rolled out the “next-level” version. Now, Knak users have access to more powerful and intuitive ways to manage their brand fonts (via new typography kits) and colours (via intuitive colour palettes) – whether they’re responsible for one brand or a few. With these new features, it’s easier than ever to add a brand to your Knak account.

We’ve also created a new role within the platform for Brand Managers. It’s free and unlimited, so you can bring all your Brand Managers aboard to oversee brand setup. Heck, your users may never need to open a brand book again!

Together with our still minty fresh Studio Homepage and Campaign Management system, managing multiple brands, and creating full campaigns with both emails and landing pages, is easier than ever. And so is onboarding new users.

Dark mode editing

We’re on our way to being the first to market with dark mode editing features for emails and landing pages. Instead of just sharing best practices and tips for dark mode, we’re making it easy for users to directly build for dark mode in Knak. These features are embedded within the platform and require a minimal lift to get things right.

This means you won’t get stuck accidentally sending emails that don’t render properly for readers who have dark mode enabled.

Mobile editing

More and more, people are accessing their email and websites on their mobile devices. That’s why we’re refining our mobile editing capabilities, making it easier for marketers to build with a mobile-first mindset, rather than having mobile be a secondary concern.

Let’s look at the Gmail app as a use case. Gmail only renders a preview of an email if the HTML for the email’s text (not images) is under 98kb. If your email is bigger than that, the recipient has to open the email to actually see what it looks like.

Up until now, one of the very few benefits of hand-coding was that emails could still be slightly smaller than emails built with an email creation platform. But we’re changing that. With our upcoming update, emails built with Knak will be 40% smaller, while still maintaining high quality and compatibility features.

Our emails already look just as good as or better than hand-coded emails. Now they’ll be just as lightweight, too.

And more…

Beyond these three features, we’re also growing the library of Knak integrations, and we’re working on options for styling landing page forms better and better. It goes without saying that as we make all these changes, we’re staying true to the no-code, no-testing models that make Knak what it is. That’s not going anywhere. 

Helping our customers get inspired

With Knak, we’ve made it easy for marketers to build the emails and landing pages they want – but that doesn’t always mean they know where to start. Design starts with inspiration, and more often than not, marketers need help to spark that inspiration. Soon, our Inspiration Centre will provide just that.

Understanding that emails are used for a number of reasons, from product launches to webinar promotions, we’re creating a library of real-world sample emails built with Knak. In just one click, users will be able to clone an exciting, inspiring email design, automatically incorporate their brand colours and fonts, and then use that as a foundation for their email. Plus, each design has tips on good design practices, suggested fonts, complementary colours, and more. This way, marketers can take that initial spark of inspiration, and stay inspired as they build out more and more assets in their campaigns.

We’ve cut down the time from idea to execution, empowering marketers with inspiration. And we can’t wait to see what our customers do with that.

What did I tell you? It’s an exciting time at Knak, and we can’t wait to keep working on all the things we have lined up in our 2022 product roadmap. We’ll keep sharing updates as we have them, so keep an eye on this space.

If you think Knak might be a great fit for your team, get in touch.

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  • Sam Munro


    Sam Munro

    Director of Product Management, Knak

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