How Knak Does Email: Knak + Salesforce Pardot

  • Tania Blake

    Tania Blake

Published Apr 14, 2020

How Knak Does Email: Knak + Salesforce Pardot


Seamlessly integrate Knak with Salesforce Pardot for efficient email creation: maintain brand standards and streamline workflows with ease.

Build in Knak, send with Salesforce Pardot.

Pardot clients are nothing new at Knak. Knak makes it easy for anyone – on any marketing automation platform – to create and send beautiful, on-brand emails quickly. But judging by the recent spike in demand from our friends on the Pardot platform, word is getting out about the benefits of using Knak + Pardot together.

Pardot is a strong player in the B2B marketing automation space. Its robust integration with Salesforce makes it an intuitive choice for SFDC clients, and it’s gaining traction as a smart, cost-effective option.

Knak is a module-based email creation platform that simplifies the build process for teams and individuals, keeps brand standards intact, and reduces the time needed to get campaigns out the door.

The great news here – in addition to all the time being saved – is that Knak is platform-agnostic, so no matter which MAP you’re using, Knak makes building incredible emails a whole lot easier.

Here’s how it works.


Brand guardrails are built into the modules, so no matter which department is building emails in Knak, brand standards – including fonts, colours, headers, footers, etc – remain intact. This is ideal for organizations managing multiple brands, and it means that amazing, on-brand communications are no longer limited to the marketing department.


Knak emails are built using brand-approved modules. The drag & drop builder makes it easy for anyone to put the correct modules in place and edit as needed, and with unlimited modules, there’s no limit to what you can create.Emails are built completely in Knak, so your builders don’t need to learn the Pardot platform to get campaigns to market. Plus, you can fully leverage dynamic content without needing to code the base modules. Emails will stay on-brand and render flawlessly across any email client.


No more back and forth email chains! Knak’s editor allows users to establish a workflow, assign access roles, and collect feedback – from approvers and non-approvers – within the platform.

Approvals are streamlined in Knak, so it’s easy to see where the email is in the process, and full access controls mean you decide what can be viewed, accessed, and synced by your team.

Export & Send

Once emails are finished, the HTML code is uploaded directly to your Pardot instance to be sent. Knak’s Pardot/HTML export allows Knak emails to be edited directly in Pardot, so changes can be made without shifting emails back and forth.

The process is a win-win for your team:

  • Marketers can do what they do best – build campaigns with unlimited creativity
  • Builders save time since they don’t need to learn the entire Pardot platform.
  • Brand guardrails remain in place across multiple brands and departments.
  • Collaboration, feedback, and approvals are streamlined within Knak.
  • Campaigns get to market faster.

The assets you create in Knak can also be used in many other sending platforms. Plus, it’s simple to move assets between MAPs, so if you move to Pardot from another platform or away from Pardot to something else, the emails, modules, and brand standards you’ve created will move with you.This is great news for anyone running Pardot and another MAP simultaneously while you ramp up one and dismantle the other. With Knak, it’s business as usual, and your campaigns won’t be affected.

We’d love to show you how Knak makes it easy for anyone to create incredible, on-brand Pardot emails quickly. Schedule a demo today, and find out what a true email creation platform can do for you.

Not ready to talk? Browse through our product page to learn more.

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  • Tania Blake


    Tania Blake


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