How to reduce cost and streamline campaign efficiency

  • Tracy Harris

    Tracy Harris

    Vice President of Marketing, Knak

Published Feb 16, 2023

How to reduce cost and streamline campaign efficiency


Learn to cut costs and boost campaign efficiency with Knak: From email creation to landing pages, transform your marketing process effectively.

As we all know, marketers in 2023 are being told to “do more with less”. The demands are still there to achieve revenue and pipeline targets, but with smaller budgets, fewer resources, and with more urgency.

Where should marketers start? What marketers don’t often realize is that their email and landing page process – the creation of campaigns – is typically a costly area of marketing. High amounts of budgets are consumed with agency fees to help create and deliver campaigns, slowed down by scarce marketing operations talent and email and web page technical developers. Many organizations don’t even realize how much they spend on this process because it’s buried in large agency contracts and development resources.

Do you know how much emails and landing pages are actually costing you?

Consider this – almost EVERY effective marketing campaign involves multiple mediums (ads, search, ABM, events, etc.) that:

  • most often lead to a landing page (sign up for an event, download the guide, etc….)
  • with a CTA that will allow you to then send an email (nurture paths, confirmations, etc.).

Emails and landing pages are key to every marketing activity yet, marketers are most often dealing with archaic and inefficient processes. It’s common for organizations to use hand-coded templates that limit creativity but are very expensive to create. These email and landing page campaigns require multiple people to collaborate (copywriters, designers, demand generation and email marketers) as well as technical resources (email developers, web developers, agencies) and technologies (from copywriting to design tools, to developer tools before it all goes into a marketing automation platform) that make both costs and time increase with every campaign. These various collaborators and assets are going back and forth, between systems and project management tools and taking up precious resource time in your organization. So how do you determine what your current costs are and then streamline the process to get the results you want?

  • First, determine what your current hard costs are for email and landing page creation. Do you rely on an agency for campaign creation and execution that spends billable hours just coding emails and landing pages? Or do you have technical resources in-house that you are relying on? What is that costing you per email?
  • Determine whether your overall process is also costing you more time than it should based on the efficiency and speed of your campaign creation process. How many different tools are being used in this process? (Marketing automation platform, copywriting tools, design tools, project management approval and review tools, email testing tools). How much time does it take to move back and forth and make changes? Are people able to get their jobs done easily or does it take long wait times and multiple team members doing low-level work and in meetings instead of actively collaborating?
  • Determine if there’s also an opportunity cost to your current process. Are you missing out on the ability to personalize campaigns or test and refine campaigns because it’s time-consuming to do multiple versions of the same assets? Are your teams being less creative because of the restrictive process that doesn’t empower your marketers to be creative? Are you delivering on a smaller volume of campaigns because of your cost and time restrictions?

We often hear from our clients that email campaigns take anywhere up to 8 weeks to get out the door. This is due to limited coding or marketing operations resources and the time it takes to go back and forth with an agency to create emails and landing pages. We are also hearing that these expensive resources have been charging up to $80,000 for email templates.

Did you even know that your campaign process was this archaic and expensive? Many organizations are unaware that they could solve this problem and just keep following the status quo.

But Knak can help streamline your processes and empower your marketers. Knak was created – by marketers, for marketers – because we understand the struggles with email and landing page creation. With Knak, you can:

  • Empower the marketers in your organization to be creative and create emails and landing pages themselves, no code required.
  • Safeguard your brand with brand guardrails that control your guidelines you need your team to create within.
  • Streamline your marketing campaign process with collaboration and approvals between team members, and allow you to review, approve and do email testing all in the same spot, including optimization recommendation for dark mode!
  • Integrate directly with single sync into most major marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and many others.

Teams that use Knak take an average of 22 minutes to create an email – much faster than agencies or technical resources. The software is also incredibly cost-efficient compared to agencies or technical resources. Read our stories here to learn more:

Want to find out for yourself how much you could save and how much faster you can speed up campaign creation? Book a demo today to see how Knak can help you speed up your campaign process and save you money.

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  • Tracy Harris


    Tracy Harris

    Vice President of Marketing, Knak

    Tracy is a passionate marketer with over 20 years of experience in B2B Marketing. Working at companies such as Entrust, Cognos, IBM and Trend Marketing, Tracy has experience in analytics, branding, product marketing, campaigns, demand generation, partner marketing and sales enablement. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys time outdoors with her family and three dogs at the lake in the summer and hitting the slopes and watching hockey during winter.

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