More Technology ≠ Better Emails

  • Pierre Hage

    Pierre Hage

Published May 6, 2020

More Technology Better Emails


Explore how Knak revolutionizes email marketing in the crowded Martech landscape, ensuring brand consistency and maximizing ROI.

Have you seen this picture?

2020 martech landscape

Image Credit: Chief Martech

This is the Martech 5000, and if you look closely, you’ll see that it has become the Martech 8000 this year. That’s 8000 different pieces of marketing technology. If you want to try all of them, you’ll have to try 22 different ones every day for a year.

This map makes it clear that Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) are limited so teams are willing to experiment with new technologies to build the martech stack they need. After all, automation can’t do everything, so teams look for great supplemental platforms to help them reach their goals and grab ahold of that one thing money can’t buy: more time.

More Technology ≠ Better Emails

As a marketer, you probably use many of these platforms every day, and some of these platforms communicate with your customers via email. In our experience and the experience of our customers, these emails tend to be off-brand.

They don’t include your brand standards, so it’s kind of a free for all depending on which department they’re coming from. And the more platforms you have sending emails, the greater the likelihood that your branding gets watered down.

Here’s the thing: more technology ≠ better emails. Every time you add something to your tech stack, you’re committing time and effort to the on-boarding and learning processes. That’s time you’re NOT spending on innovation.

Creating branded emails for every sending platform is impractical. It’s time consuming and costly, so understandably, it’s not done very often. Fortunately, this is where the email creation platform comes in.

A Platform that Improves ROI

A true email creation platform can transform the way your entire team communicates via email and help you get more out of the platforms in your tech stack. If you have an email creation platform that integrates with your other martech platforms, then anyone on your team – both inside and outside the marketing department – can build and send incredible, on-brand emails. It strengthens your brand and simplifies the building process, all at the same time.

Knak is an enterprise-grade email creation platform, and we’ve been helping teams do this for quite some time. With Knak, teams can build emails quickly using branded modules and then upload them to other platforms to be sent. And since Knak is platform-agnostic, your emails will work seamlessly with nearly any platform.

Here’s how it works:

  • Emails are built using approved branded modules. The drag & drop builder makes creation simple, so anyone can build these emails in Knak while keeping brand guardrails firmly in place.
  • The emails are synced to your marketing automation or other email sending platform either via a direct API sync or by uploading the HTML code to the platform itself.
  • Customers receive well-branded emails no matter where they’re coming from, and you’re getting more out of your other platforms.

Wrap Up

We want to help you get more out of your existing tech stack. The more you can make a platform work for you, the better the ROI, which is why we work so hard on our integrations and invest so much into improving our API.

As long as there are marketing teams, there will be new platforms designed to help you do your job better. But no matter what platforms you’re using, an email creation platform that can help you send well-branded emails to your customers from any platform is a great investment.

It can save time for your team by making email creation easier, unifying your branding, and helping you get an even better ROI from the platforms in your tech stack.

It may be just one of the 8000 options available, but its impact can make every platform you’re using more effective.

With Knak, anyone can build beautiful emails that keep your brand at the center. Want to see how it works? Let’s chat! Schedule a demo and let us show you how Knak makes it easy to create incredible emails from start to finish.

Not ready to chat yet? Browse our product page to learn more.

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  • Pierre Hage


    Pierre Hage


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