#46 Eloqua Founder Mark Organ talks Marketing Automation, Category Creation & Entrepreneurship

Pierce Ujjainwalla

By Pierce Ujjainwalla


Published Apr 11, 2023

#46 Eloqua Founder Mark Organ talks Marketing Automation, Category Creation & Entrepreneurship

Mark’s passion for entrepreneurship began early in his life after being inspired by his high school computer science teacher. Having no background in computer science, his teacher taught based around his own skill set; business. Mark was challenged with creating a business and was graded based on its success. This is where he learned the essentials for starting, running, and scaling a company.

After igniting the spark to want to succeed at his own company, Mark and one of his classmates began going door to door selling custom software in Toronto. Taking risks early was what taught Mark that the right risk can be the key to success, especially as an entrepreneur.

After working closely with a real estate company, he learned the importance of having good leads for sales based around how likely they were to buy. There was a need to be smart with who to contact, especially during a market downturn. Mark developed the technology to rank his leads based on their email activity to see how likely they would be to buy. This was at the time a whole new category of marketing automation — and the grounds which Eloqua grew from.

From working with his co-founders and employees, he understood how to lead. Much of that came from focusing time on the right aspects of what needed to be done, and ensuring his team was in alignment. Learn all about Mark’s entrepreneurial journey as he speaks with Pierce Ujjainwalla on the Unsubscribed! Podcast.

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