#06 Mixing Business with Passion ft. Greg Porter, Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

Pierce chats with fellow Canadian, Greg Porter, Owner and President of Great Canadian Heli-Skiing – a boutique heli-skiing company located in Golden, British Columbia. Greg and Pierce chat about everything from competing in snowboarding to maintaining work-life balance while running a successful business. This is one episode you won’t want to miss!

Show Notes

Greg started GCH alongside his wife and business partner almost 20 years ago and has done an amazing job at building a business around his passion.

In this interview, he shares:

  • How he builds long-lasting relationships with his customers by creating memorable experiences
  • How to create the life you want to live and be passionate about what you do
  • The details behind Great Canadian Heli-Skiing’s new website, email strategy, and their #bestdayever marketing campaign

We hope you enjoy it!

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No matter which way you skin it, we’re all in the people business. It is the key thing that lines up. I always look at those pieces of technology… they help you put things together… But you’re not trying to improve your relationship with your technology, you’re trying to improve your relationship with those that are around you. I think these are the things that will always be true.

They’re tried and they’re true. And I think that’s why, whether you’re in hospitality or in technology, it is always about trying to make those connections and building on those relationships.


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