#04 Give First and Stay Curious ft. Grant Grigorian, B2B Marketing Analytics Consultant

Pierce sits down with Grant Grigorian, a freelance B2B Marketing Analytics Consultant based in Colorado, who fell in love with the tech industry and sales and marketing data after years of working in the economics and insurance sectors. He’s a big believer in giving back to the industry, and previously ran his own startup called Path to Scale which was acquired by Engagio. We’re really excited to have him on the podcast today, so don’t miss it!

Show Notes

Grant Grigorian is a marketing analytics consultant who strongly believes in giving back to the industry. Previously, Grant ran his own startup called Path to Scale which was acquired by Engagio. Grant is a B2B marketing guru who has spent time on both the client and consulting sides and has successfully built and sold a company. 

Grant worked with a CMO who was very metrics driven, which sparked his interest in numbers and inspired him to branch out on his own. He’s grateful for the inclusive tech community in Colorado that supported him as he made the leap into his own consulting business.

One of the key values of the Colorado tech community is to give first. Grant strongly believes in this mantra and has successfully connected many candidates with Marketing Operations roles.  He also started a podcast where he chats with friends and fellow Marketing operations professionals. Interestingly, he also interviewed his future contact at Engagio, which led to the acquisition of Path to Scale.

Once Path to Scale was acquired by Engagio, he joined their team as the Director of Product Management. This role was a perfect fit for Grand because he got to geek out with customers on the best way to make products work.  

When reflecting on his time in Silicon Valley, Grant maintains that you don’t need to be in Silicon Valley to be successful: it’s the mindset itself that’s unique, and that applies no matter where you’re located.

Some of Grant’s surprising insight:

  • You don’t have to be good at math to be good at analytics!
  • YOU will be your own biggest obstacle. Don’t doubt yourself!
  • Silicon Valley doesn’t have any more special sauce than anywhere else.
  • When you give first, you receive far more in return.

We hope you enjoy it!


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