#17 Centralized versus decentralized marketing ft. Jomar Ebalida, Capgemini

Capgemini’s Jomar Ebalida stops by the Unsubscribed! podcast to talk with Pierce about centralized and decentralized marketing. Which platform do you think Jomar prefers, Pardot or Marketo?  Check out today’s episode to find out which is his favourite platform and what its advantages are.

Show Notes

Jomar Ebalida is a digital transformation practitioner focusing on strategic execution of revenue technology throughout global organizations. Jomar has experience in helping scale unicorn companies and digitally transforming enterprise revenue technology stacks. He also has experience working in a Marketo agency, has over 11 years working with Hubspot, is a Salesforce admin, developer and architect, and has helped transform a global Pardot instance for scale and functionality. He is currently digitally transforming a global law firm as the head of revenue technology.

This year, Jomar has been focusing on perfecting the centralized and decentralized parts of his team to maximize efficiency. Jomar opts for creating well-thought-out campaigns managed by a centralized form that includes a file repository, briefs, criteria, brand guidelines and more. Then, he decentralizes the campaign tasks into different groups around the world. This is a strategy that Jomar recommends specifically for startups. 

“If you’re a one person start up, definitely decentralize your campaigns and find contractors. Your life will be so easy because all you have to do is QA and test it and test it. After you get that once or twice, it becomes a system.”

Another tip for entrepreneurs from Jomar is to start by using Hubspot, build your database, and get in the habit of keeping your data clean so that it can tell the story of your business. Once you’ve grown to a certain size, migrate to Marketo and continue your best practices. 

“Hubspot is really good at centralizing a bunch of chatbots and a lot of pop ups—a lot of things that you would have to buy in a bigger organization that you might not be able to afford. But then Marketo is really good at integration in terms of those third party tools and really good at customizing and building.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

1) Marketo versus Pardot versus others—who does Jomar think will win?

2) Creativity in marketing

3) The relative advantages of decentralization and decentralization in marketing

Pierce Ujjainwalla has decades of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and career marketing leader. He has lived in the marketing trenches at companies like IBM, SAP, NVIDIA, and Marketo. He founded Revenue Pulse and then launched Knak in 2015 as a platform designed to help Marketers simplify email and landing page creation. Visit his personal blog, Unsubscribed, or his Twitter for more of the insight he’s gained as founder and CEO of Knak. Marketing is his jam; doing it better with technology is his passion.

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