#07 Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur ft. Steven Moody, Beachhead

Pierce interviews Steven Moody, a serial entrepreneur and consultant with more than a decade of Marketing Automation & CRM experience. A renowned traveler, Steven is known for bringing the technical and business sides of his craft together. Here, he chats with Pierce about what it takes to break into the industry and make the move to become an entrepreneur.

Show Notes

Steven Moody has more than a decade of Marketing Automation and CRM experience, but his career as a marketer got off to a rocky start. While working in a law office, Steven wanted to make the switch to marketing, so he approached several established Marketers at a conference, hoping to secure an internship. Instead, he was rejected for his lack of experience. 

“Before you invest in a career, work with someone who is 10 years ahead of you.”

Finally, Steven got in front of the right marketer, someone who wasn’t fazed by Steven’s lack of a five year plan. He hired Steven as a marketing intern and gave him experience on everything from running Marketo integrations to managing AdWords. 

What set Steven apart as an intern was his interest in marketing automation. While his fellow marketers were hesitant to learn the technology, Steven couldn’t wait to get his feet wet. 

“No one else in the company wanted to touch technology, not the marketers, we’re not in marketing to touch technology.”

When staffing changes in the company put Steven’s future – and his income – in jeopardy, he decided to branch out and become a consultant. He quickly discovered that consulting led to a greater level of respect and satisfaction. 

Now, Steven delivers value by helping companies empathize with their customers. He notes that marketers don’t have to love digital marketing to succeed in the industry, but it’s critical that they stay curious, maintain a strong commitment to problem solving, and truly invest in their customers. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get in front of your audience
  • How to overcome rejection
  • The importance of referrals for your business

Check it out to hear all that and more. Enjoy!
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