Streamlining Success: An Interview with Trimble's Rachel Jones on Knak

  • Jeff Coveney

    Jeff Coveney

    Senior Director of Customer Marketing, Knak

Published Jun 3, 2024

Streamlining Success: An Interview with Trimble's Rachel Jones on Knak


You’re tasked with creating and managing a massive volume of visually engaging emails and landing pages.

How do you get these emails and landing pages?

You have your agency build out a new Marketo template for your team.

Because they’re an agency, (you’re not the only entity they’re working with) the turnaround time is slow.

And what if you want to make an edit to the layout or some other element? Because the template is hard-coded, it isn’t very flexible, which means you have to go back to your agency to request those changes…

Not exactly the easiest workflow to grapple with when trying to effectively hit your “massive volume of highly engaging campaign assets,” right?

That’s exactly the challenge Rachel Jones, the Lead Content and Creative Strategist @ Trimble, was up against… Until she met Knak.

We caught up with Rachel at B2B MX in Arizona, where she shared how, since implementing Knak, she has been able to revolutionize Trimble’s content creation process, enhance efficiency and maintain brand consistency.

The Challenge

Trimble’s marketing team has a mandate of producing a high volume of visually engaging and impactful content, including emails and landing pages. Their traditional process involved working with an agency to build out email templates in Marketo, which would lead to slow turnaround times and limited design flexibility in the template itself.

Then, after a few key acquisitions, more complexity was introduced into the flow… Rachel’s team now had to also manage and deploy assets to multiple separate Marketo instances.

The Solution

Knak, a low-code platform, provided the ideal solution. "With Knak, I can create landing pages and emails in about 30 minutes," Rachel explains. "These are not only beautiful, but also comply with our corporate guidelines and branding standards. This allows me to focus on creating visually stunning landing pages and emails that convert effectively."

Rachel was able to eliminate the team’s reliance on an external agency to create their assets, and put that creative power back into the hands of the folks that know Trimble’s content, audiences, and individual campaign goals like the back of their hand.

Key Benefits

1. Speed and Efficiency

Knak's no-code builder enables the creation of campaign assets in a fraction of the time it previously took.

"I can complete tasks in Knak in an hour that used to take a week with back-and-forth emails," says Rachel.

This rapid turnaround allows Trimble's marketing team to be more agile and responsive.

2. Cost Savings

By eliminating the need to hire an agency, Trimble saves significant costs.

Rachel reflects, "We're not paying an agency a fee, which is a substantial saving for us."

3. Brand Consistency

Knak ensures that all content adheres to Trimble's branding standards.

"The branding is approved by our branding team, so I don't have to worry about any of that. I can just quickly focus on creating visually stunning landing pages and emails that convert for us," explains Rachel.

4. Simplified Management of Multiple Automation Instances

Managing multiple Marketo instances is seamless with Knak.

"Our Knak instance supports multiple Marketo instances without any issues. The transfer from Knak to Marketo is foolproof," Rachel adds.

"It's impossible to make a mistake from that transfer from Knak to Marketo."

5. No Coding Required

Rachel highlights how Knak eliminates the need for coding expertise.

"Coding is reserved for our software and technology developers. With Knak, we can create optimized and visually impactful content without needing coders. Everything is trackable and all our links work seamlessly without any coding."


Knak has transformed Trimble's email and landing page creation process, providing the speed, efficiency, and flexibility needed to stay ahead in a competitive market.

For Trimble, Knak is more than a tool; it’s a game-changer in their marketing operations and strategy.

"Knak allows us to create visually stunning landing pages and emails quickly and efficiently," Rachel concludes. "It has truly streamlined our process and enabled us to focus on what really matters—creating content that converts."


About Trimble:

Trimble is a leading provider of advanced positioning solutions, leveraging technology to drive productivity and innovation across various industries.

About Knak:

Knak is a low-code platform designed to simplify the creation of beautiful, brand-compliant emails and landing pages, enabling marketing teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

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  • Jeff Covenay, Senior Director of Customer Marketing @ Knak


    Jeff Coveney

    Senior Director of Customer Marketing, Knak

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