Our NPS Results (and Why They Matter)

  • Pierre Hage

    Pierre Hage

Published Aug 13, 2020

Our NPS Results (and Why They Matter)


Knak reveals its impressive NPS results, showcasing customer loyalty and product fit. Discover how they use feedback for continuous improvement.

Each year, we conduct a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. The survey is only one question, and it’s meant to gauge the way our clients feel about our platform.

A score of 1-6 means the respondent is a detractor. They’re unlikely to recommend Knak, and may even discourage people from using it. 

A 7 or 8 means the user is happy with the service, but isn’t excited enough about it to be considered a promoter. 

A 9 or 10 means they are happy, loyal, and enthusiastic customers who are likely to tell others about us. 

Once you get the results, you plug them into a scale of -100 to +100, and you come up with your NPS.

Source: Retently

As you’d probably guess, anything below 0 is bad. Anything above 30 is great.

How We Did

Knak is a SaaS platform, and as is the case with just about every software platform, users are broken down into admin/user categories. For Knak, our users are broken into Admin and Builder roles.

The Admins control the instance at their organization: they build the modules, lock down the brand guardrails, assign approval orders, etc. 

The Builders build the emails: they take the approved modules and turn them into incredible emails according to campaign specifications.

Since these two roles interact with Knak differently, we break our NPS down into Admin/Builder categories so we can track how each group feels about the platform. Here’s how those perspectives differ:

If you’re an Admin, you’re likely using Knak because you needed a better way to scale and streamline your email creation process safely.

You know that cohesive, unified branding and great-looking emails are critical to your marketing strategy, so you implemented Knak because it gives you the creative control you need:

  • The brand guardrails keep teams from building whatever they feel like building that day
  • The approval roles keep the email moving through the approval process smoothly
  • The module-based builder means that anyone can build emails quickly

With Knak, you have the freedom to create emails that adhere to your brand standards without outside agency or developer help, and you’re highly likely to recommend it to your fellow Marketing and Marketing Ops pros.

If you’re a Builder, your experience may be slightly different. Perhaps you’re used to building whatever you want, even if it’s not quite in line with brand guidelines (perhaps brand guidelines didn’t even exist at your organization before you started using Knak). You can’t get around the guardrails, but you love that building emails is faster and easier than ever before.

These two perspectives are exactly what we see reflected in our score:

On the Admin side, our score is in the “Great” range, and it’s 28 points higher than last year 👍

On the Builder side, our score is in the “Good” range and is 8 points higher than last year 👌

Overall, our score is “Great,” and it exceeds both last year’s score and the NPS benchmark for SaaS platforms ✔️

What It Means

The difference in our scores shows that the Knak platform is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do: giving Marketers the freedom to be creative while helping teams get emails to market faster. As a company, we’re committed to improving the interaction for both types of users, even if they experience Knak through different lenses.

For Admins, we’re improving their ability to scale operations in a way that’s efficient, timely, and cost-effective. We’ve also doubled down on improving collaborative functions to support teams that have shifted to a remote-work model in the face of COVID-19. 

For Builders, we understand that many of their roadblocks have been intentionally implemented to help protect their brand or keep emails in line with industry regulations. In this case we’re focused on improving their user experience to make email creation even simpler and more intuitive, regardless of brand guardrails.

Why It Matters

The best part of the NPS survey is that we’re able to use our score to get insight into some key business metrics:

❔ Who are our most loyal customers?

People who respond to this survey year over year are loyal customers. We can review their scores and use their feedback to strengthen these relationships. Plus, the NPS survey is a great way to measure customer loyalty, which is a notoriously difficult metric to gauge.

❔ What should we be working towards?

With such an easily quantified metric, we can tell where we need to improve. We can also easily measure our improvement year over year and keep track of what’s working.

For example, if we released a new product since the last time we conducted the survey, our NPS is a great indicator of whether or not the product is hitting the mark. If it’s gone up, we can tell that the user experience has improved. If it’s done down, maybe we have issues to resolve.

❔ Who is telling others about us?

Word-of-mouth advertising is tremendously valuable. Many of our clients are here because they heard about Knak from someone else, and we want to know who likes us enough to spread the word.

❔ Is our product a good fit for our customers?

Sometimes it’s better to have high-quality customers than a high quantity of customers. If your NPS shows that you have quite a few detractors, you may be missing the mark with your marketing and targeting the wrong group of people.

Now that we have our most recent set of results, we can compare it to last year’s and see where we’ve improved and where we need to up our game. Breaking the results down by user group is also helpful because it lets us see how each group is interacting with the platform.

If you’re not already using the NPS survey, I’d encourage you to start. It’s simple, and it’s a great way to measure the depth of your customer relationships and relevance of your product.

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