Mastering Mass Customization: Dynamic Content with Knak

  • Katya Zeisig

    Katya Zeisig

    Digital Marketing Manager, Knak

Published Apr 25, 2024

Mastering Mass Customization: Dynamic Content with Knak

These days, if you’re not personalizing your outreach and communications, you’re behind the curve. The online world is simply too busy; the only way to get–and to keep–people’s attention is to speak directly to their reality.

Dynamic content allows marketers to do exactly this: to deliver hyper-personalized messaging, offers, articles, and more to their recipients, helping them break through the noise of an overloaded inbox.

Creating dynamic content in Marketo Engage has traditionally been available in two ways: its out of the box version which is simple and easy to use but has limited capabilities, or through velocity scripting which is incredibly powerful but requires a technical resource.

However, Knak has a feature that is changing the email marketing landscape by merging these two worlds. Incorporating the simplicity of a drag-and-drop builder with the sophistication of velocity scripting’s capabilities, Knak allows all marketers (even those without a technical background) to make use of incredibly powerful, intricate personalizations - all without having to write a single line of code.

Simplifying Dynamic Content Creation

Dynamic content in emails allows marketers to tailor messages, graphics, CTAs, and more based on user data such as industry or location. Traditionally, creating this type of dynamically personalized content would be a daunting task: MOPs would have to code velocity script into the email template—a powerful but technically demanding feature.

As Pierce (Knak's CEO and Co-Founder) mentions in his session, Knak’s solution marries the immense power of velocity script with the creative freedom of a drag and drop builder. This feature allows everyday marketers (aka the ones who don’t know velocity scripting) to easily construct emails with complex, personalized content without the need for specialized developers.

Enhancing Email Customization and Collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of Knak’s dynamic content feature is its user-friendly interface. Rather than diving into the code of an email to build dynamic element variations, marketers can now design dynamic elements using drag and drop functionality, tailoring it to any number of variables like geography, industry, role, seniority, etc.

For instance, an email can display specific articles related to the recipient’s department and tech stack. This not only makes the emails highly relevant to each recipient but also, with the added element of being able to create variants via drag-and-drop as opposed to coding velocity script, allows marketers to visually preview the end result directly within the platform.

Collaboration is also made significantly more straightforward with dynamic commenting features. Comments on specific parts of an email are colour-coded (e.g., appearing in purple rather than the regular blue), clearly indicating which version of the email the feedback is referencing. This ensures that teams can effectively communicate and make changes without confusion, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Streamlining Email Segmentation

Knak also simplifies the process of building email segments. Marketers can leverage existing data points from platforms like Marketo Engage or Salesforce to create targeted segments without any coding. These segments can incorporate multiple variables, something that typically would require complex coding. Moreover, once a segment is created, it can be saved and reused across different campaigns, saving time and resources.

By combining these features, Knak’s platform empowers marketers to use powerful segmentation and dynamic content tools that were once available only to those with technical know-how. The result is not only an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, but also a significant reduction in the reliance on technical folks for creating personalized content.

The Revolutionization of Personalization Capabilities

By blending the ease of use of drag-and-drop editing with the power of velocity scripting in a no-code environment, Knak is helping teams scale their marketing efforts and achieve better engagement with their audiences. This evolution in mass personalization capabilities is a game changer for marketers looking to enhance their campaigns with less effort and more impact.

You can learn more about Knak’s Dynamic Content feature here or watch a full, commitment-free product demo here.

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  • Katya Zeisig


    Katya Zeisig

    Digital Marketing Manager, Knak

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