Knak’s Email Examples for Enterprise Teams

  • Nick Donaldson

    Nick Donaldson

    Director of Growth, Knak

Published May 16, 2023

Knak’s Email Examples for Enterprise Teams


Explore Knak's Email Examples Gallery: Over 140 real-world email inspirations across 14 categories to elevate enterprise email marketing.

Where do enterprise marketing teams go for email inspiration?

For Knak customers, they have access to the Inspiration Centre and explore more than 140 email examples from some of the world’s top brands. 

Today, we’re bringing these email examples to the public with the launch of our Email Examples Gallery. We’ve hand-picked every email featured in the gallery, including more than 40 emails.

Emails are organized according to 14 different categories:

  1. Newsletter
  2. Webinar
  3. Virtual Event
  4. Product Update
  5. In-Person Event
  6. Content Download
  7. Welcome
  8. Sign-up
  9. Product Onboarding
  10. News Announcement
  11. Confirmation
  12. Event Follow-up
  13. Customer Love
  14. Survey

What’s included in each email example?

For our customers using the Inspiration Centre, we hope that each email example will serve as a launching point for your own email design. While many marketers rely on templates to solve email design challenges, we take a component-based approach to design. 

Knak customers build and design emails using components as building blocks before sending them through Marketo or Eloqua. We’ve taken this approach to each example, providing guidance on components like body text, subject lines, calls-to-action, and even suggestions on send times.

Email Examples by Category

The Email Gallery launches with 14 categories. Let’s take a look at each category and an example email to get a taste of what’s in the gallery.

Newsletter Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Newsletter Email

The email newsletter is one of the most reliable pieces of content for marketing teams to share. It seems like everyone has a newsletter these days, but the top brands stand out by designing readable, beautiful, and concise emails. It’s a tough challenge, and the examples in our gallery show some standouts.

Webinar Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Webinar Email

Well-designed webinar emails can increase registration numbers, and effective follow-up emails can dramatically improve attendance. Designing a great webinar email is about providing key information with succinct, clear copy while creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity around your call-to-action.

Virtual Event Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Virtual Events Email

Now more than ever, virtual-only events are a popular way to engage with your customers and audience. They are relatively easy commitments for attendees (no travel, usually free or low cost), so your job is to use an email to communicate the benefits of attending. Use your virtual event emails to generate buzz and excitement for your event.

Product Update Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Product Update Email

Product update emails aren’t just for power users. Keep your users informed about the value your team is delivering and ensure everyone knows how to make the most of the new features you release.

In-Person Event Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - In-Person Event Email

Few networking events capture the buzz and excitement as a conference or even a small bespoke gathering. The emails leading up to and following the event not only provide a valuable brand touchpoint, they’re also important for sharing information like registration instructions, event date and location, and announcements like guest speakers.

Content Download Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Content Download Email

Demand gen and content marketers know the power of eBooks, white papers, and infographics. Whether you’re promoting a piece of new content to your contact list or you’re creating an autoresponder, don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with your audience.

Welcome Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Welcome Email

When a user signs up for your product or service, what type of welcome message do they get? Welcome emails are commonly automated in your marketing automation platform, but that doesn’t mean they need to be static and boring. A compelling welcome email sets the stage for your customer’s journey.

Sign-Up Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Sign-Up Email

Encourage your subscribers to take action and sign up for your product, service, or event with a sign-up email. Make sure to balance essential information like how to sign up and helpful links with brand design elements and marketing messaging. We’ve curated some compelling email examples that strike this balance.

Product Onboarding Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Product Onboarding Email

When product-led growth is the talk of the town, SaaS marketers are giving extra attention to product onboarding emails. They’re more than just a “welcome and hey there” – they’re seen as a critical touchpoint in your customer’s product journey. The next step in your product onboarding journey is checking out our examples.

News Announcement Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - News Announcement Email

A big news announcement creates its own sort of momentum and adds fuel to your team’s growth and demand-gen initiatives. The key is impact: few channels offer as much opportunity to create a lasting impression as email. The examples in our gallery demonstrate a masterful approach to landing your next announcement.

Confirmation Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Confirmation Email

The humble confirmation email may seem like a boring staple for e-commerce, SaaS, and any business that needs to confirm a user’s action. But, we’ve found that the top brands go above-and-beyond, and use confirmation emails to create another brand touchpoint.

Event Follow Up Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Event Follow Up Email

Make sure to follow up with event attendees, providing thoughtful messages and expressing gratitude. By providing attendees with a red-carpet experience, you’ll ensure they attend your event next year. Our gallery of email examples is the perfect starting point for your next event email.

Customer Love Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Customer Love Email

Any marketer you meet will agree: showing your customers love, and gratitude is a great way to build a long-lasting relationship. But knowing how exactly to do that can be tricky, so why not get inspired by what the world’s leading brands send to their customers?

Survey Emails

Knak Inspiration Centre - Survey Email

Email surveys come in all shapes and forms, from market research to customer satisfaction, product reviews, and net promoter scores. The difference between getting a response and another empty survey is often in the presentation. Give your users a delightful, interactive email instead of another boring survey.

Get inspiration for your next email marketing campaign

We built the Inspiration Centre with enterprise marketers in mind. Each email in the Inspiration Centre has been built in Knak and, for our customers, can be used as a starting point for emails they send in Marketo and Eloqua.

Our goal isn’t to give you a library of templates – instead, we’re hoping to provide rich examples to give you ideas on how to structure your next email. Our customers use Knak to push the boundaries of creativity in their emails – how will you experiment with your next email?

Visit our email example gallery now

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  • Nick Donaldson


    Nick Donaldson

    Director of Growth, Knak

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