How to Create a Net Promoter Score Program in Marketo

  • Pierce Ujjainwalla

    Pierce Ujjainwalla

    Co-Founder & CEO, Knak

Published Nov 12, 2015

How to Create a Net Promoter Score Program in Marketo


Learn how to set up a Net Promoter Score (NPS) program in Marketo without a developer. Capture customer feedback & enhance loyalty effortlessly.

Customers are the lifeblood of every company, yet many businesses don’t know if their customers love them or hate them. We’re about to show you how you can create a best-in-class Net Promoter Score program in Marketo that will find your champions and detractors alike.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an amazing way to determine customer loyalty. Bain & Company made this simple 1 question survey famous. You can read more about it here, but essentially it shows you your customers who are promoters (you want a lot of these) passives, and detractors (you want as few of these as possible).

Here’s how to create a Net Promoter Score program in Marketo… and in typical Knak fashion you’ll be able to do it all yourself, without the need of a developer or designer.

1. Setup your Program

We created a new channel for NPS score, so that we can use program statuses to view the overall opinions of our customers on Knak. We defined program success to be 9’s and 10’s since those are what are considered to be ‘promoters’.

We created a new channel for NPS score

2. Create new fields to capture NPS Score & NPS Comments

VERY Important Note: Your NPS Score field, MUST be an integer field. Your NPS Comments field should be a text field. If you want these fields to appear in your CRM, you should make them there first and wait for them to sync over. We would also recommend you map them from the lead to the contact so that there is never any loss of data.

NPS Score field in Marketo

3. Create your Form

You want to add your NPS Comments field, and make sure it is a ‘Text Area’ field type. Remove the label and make the label width ’10’. Add the email address field, and make it hidden. Then you want to add your NPS Score field. Make that a hidden field and ensure that the Parameter name is ‘npsscore’. ****VERY important****

Setting Field Details in Marketo
Autofill rules for NPS score

4. Create your Email Template

We just added a pretty awesome NPS email called ‘Dartmouth’ that you can bring from Knak into Marketo. Check this one off your list.

We just added a pretty awesome NPS email called ‘Dartmouth’

5. Create your Landing Page Template

Yep, we have this one covered too. This landing page template is called ‘LaFlamme’ and its available in our landing page library now. It also includes a fancy javascript library that allows people to change their score on their confirmation page.

Create your Landing Page Template

6. Update your Email

For each score in the email, 1-10, update the link to your landing page, with a URL parameter structured exactly like this: ?npsscore=

Here is a screenshot of what it should look like:

Update your Email

7. Send it out!

Send out your NPS email and make sure that you follow-up on everyone’s feedback, good or bad! If it’s good, try and get them to promote your company on social networks if its bad, follow-up and show them some love.

8. Bonus

Use advanced Marketo form settings to send people to custom thank you pages depending on their score. If they are a promoter, ask them to write a review on the thank you page. If they are a detractor, get them to schedule a follow-up meeting with you through a calendar tool like Calendly.

Good luck! It can sometimes be a little scary to ask your customers for their feedback, but the reality is it’s much better knowing about it… good or bad.

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  • Pierce Ujjainwalla


    Pierce Ujjainwalla

    Co-Founder & CEO, Knak

    Pierce is a career marketer who has lived in the marketing trenches at companies like IBM, SAP, NVIDIA, and Marketo. He launched Knak in 2015 as a platform designed to help Marketers simplify email creation. He is also the founder of Revenue Pulse, a marketing operations consultancy.

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