Results Revealed: The Success of Implementing Knak at Google

  • Jeff Coveney

    Jeff Coveney

    Senior Director of Customer Marketing, Knak

Published Apr 19, 2024

Results Revealed: The Success of Implementing Knak at Google

Efficiency and scalability: Two of the biggest buzz words on the tip of every company’s tongue (other than artificial intelligence, of course).

Even at the biggest enterprises, teams are taking stock of their processes and technologies, looking for bottlenecks and budget-drains to eliminate while identifying ways to continuously accelerate GTM.

Google Cloud’s Demand Operations team was doing just that - figuring out how to squash some massive bottlenecks (and expenses) in their email creation process - when they came across Knak.

Implementing the Knak platform as a way to streamline their collaboration and reviews workflow when it comes to email generation, the results were nothing short of transformative. Here's a closer look at three major outcomes from Google's deployment of Knak.

1. Significant Reduction in Change Requests

One of the most striking results of adopting Knak was a dramatic 90% reduction in change requests at launch.

Previously, Google’s marketers were getting stuck in a “change request death-loop.”

This 90% decrease has allowed Google Cloud's marketing team to focus more on strategy and creativity rather than getting bogged down by constant revision loops. By having the entire building, testing, and reviewing functions all in one location, and by enabling their marketers to make changes autonomously, Knak has facilitated a smoother, faster rollout of marketing campaigns.

2. Cost Avoidance and Scalability

Money talks, so we’ll let this figure do the explaining here:

Google's deployment of Knak has led to substantial cost savings… Over $2 million in incremental costs at the time of publishing this post.

The $2 million in savings has supported Google’s growth trajectory, allowing them to reallocate resources to more effectively expand their reach and impact.

3. Broad User Adoption and Rapid Execution

Starting with an initial pilot team, Knak has now been rolled out to approximately 250 marketers within Google. The email creation platform has been readily embraced by the marketing department for its ease of use and effectiveness.

One marketer shared their experience,

"I was able to build three emails and a landing page in less than an hour!"

Feedback from Users

The response from Google Cloud's marketers has been overwhelmingly positive. The platform not only meets their immediate needs when it comes to efficient revisions and iterations, but also addresses broader challenges, making the email creation workflow significantly more streamlined and enhancing the department’s productivity.

As another marketer expressed,

"Thanks for providing a tool that directly addresses our challenges and helps to make the workflow easier and less time consuming.”

Stepping into a More Efficient Future

The results at Google Cloud underscore a broader narrative in today's business environment: the profound impact of embracing innovative solutions for everyday challenges. As we see with these improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and user satisfaction, it prompts a crucial question for all of us in the tech community…

What other processes in our organizations could be reimagined with tools like this?

If you're looking to streamline your marketing processes… Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and user satisfaction are within reach—discover how you can achieve these results in your organization with Knak’s ungated demo.

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  • Jeff Covenay, Senior Director of Customer Marketing @ Knak


    Jeff Coveney

    Senior Director of Customer Marketing, Knak

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