Getting More Out of Knak: Leveraging Your Marketing Agency

Your marketing agency is one of your best strategic partners.

They know your business, they prioritize your success, and they save your organization a heap of money by providing a team of experts that you don’t have to hire on your own.

Not ready to hire a dedicated SEO or social media specialist? Don’t have enough work to justify adding a second (or third or fourth) graphic designer? No problem! Roll those things into your agency contract, and you’ve got an entire team working to improve your visibility as an organization.

Historically, though, an agency’s expertise has been limited to the marketing department. They’re creating great campaigns, but all those incredible assets are only being used to attract new customers.

Every other department is working in a silo: they’re developing assets and creating emails with little to no input from Marketing, which means each recipient has a different experience with your brand depending on who is sending the emails.

What If?

Here’s a thought. What if your agency’s expertise wasn’t confined to marketing? What if you could leverage the work they’re doing to extend into every corner of your business?

When you work with an email creation platform like Knak, the assets your agency creates can be leveraged across your entire organization, meaning that those amazing branded assets can be used by all functions.

  • Your brand standards and guardrails remain in place across departments
  • Your prospects, customers, contacts, and partners get a consistent brand experience, no matter which department they’re communicating with
  • You get more mileage out of the assets your agency is creating.
  • Your agency is able to extend their reach throughout your organization

It’s basically a win from every angle, and it’s simple to do:

Knak emails are built using modules. The modules are created with your brand elements, so anyone building an email simply has to drag and drop the right modules into place and add their content. It’s simple, so anyone, regardless of their department, can use the modules to build and send emails.
That means all of your company’s emails can look great with very little effort – from HR emails to job candidates to sales emails to existing customers. No more different experiences for every recipient – your brand stays at the center and your messaging is consistent.

Now add your agency into the mix. Any brand elements your agency creates – headers, footers, images, etc – can be added to the modules, which means those assets are no longer limited to the marketing department. Plus, your brand guardrails remain in place, so any other department building emails in Knak will be limited to using your brand-approved designs.

  • Anyone can use the modules
  • Anyone can use the assets
  • Your agency’s work has a greater impact
  • You get more from your agency spend
  • Your emails – all of them – look great

A Partner in Strategy

Knak and your agency are both valuable partners, and when they work together, your organization wins.

The agency is helping you implement a killer strategy and develop the assets to back it up. Knak is helping your team create incredible emails that keep your brand at the center, and no one needs to learn how to code.
— One quick aside here – if you’re using Knak, you don’t need to pay your agency to build, code, or develop templates for you. If it’s email related, we’ve got you covered.

It’s time to spread that agency magic beyond the marketing department. When you leverage your agency through Knak, you’re improving outcomes all the way around and extending your best-looking assets into every corner of your company.

If you’d like to learn more about how Knak and your agency can work together, let’s chat!

Tania Blake is Knak’s Marketing Manager, where she’s known for her strong attention to detail and unique ability to balance "process" with "getting stuff done". When she’s not juggling a million and one projects, you can find her cooking up a storm, doing yoga, or hanging out with her family.

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