The top 50 email marketing resources you may not know about

  • Ali Cameron

    Ali Cameron

Published Jun 9, 2022

The top 50 email marketing resources you may not know about

The internet is full of email marketing resources with insights on how to write, design, and send emails — but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

This list of email resources is designed to help you cut through the noise and give you a more direct path to the tips, templates, and tools you need to make your email marketing the best it can be. Spend less time searching and head scratching, and more time using these materials to enhance your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing resources for creating great emails

From creating more captivating copy to optimising your content for accessibility, these email marketing tips, templates, and tools can help you bring your best. Every time.


A Designer’s Accessibility Checklist: Reach the widest audience possible with the most inclusive design details.

Accessible Email: Use this tool to discover your email’s current accessibility, and possible improvements.

Accessibility and Typography in Email w/ Paul Airy: Paul Airy is a consultant specialising in email typography, accessibility, and inclusive design.

Accessibility Weekly: A weekly dose of web accessibility to help you bring it into your everyday work.

Assistiv Labs: Instantly test the accessibility of your content with real assistive technologies.

Coding Accessible Emails: Take a closer look at email accessibility for email developers with Jay Oram.

Colour Contrast Checker: Calculate the contrast ratio of text and background colours.

Email Design Accessibility: Why It Is Important to Improve It: Design emails with accessibility in mind using this comprehensive guide.

Copywriting Need help getting started with those email subject lines? Give a try!

Copywriting Examples: Get inspiration from the world’s best copy with a simple explanation of what makes it good. 

Good Email Copy: See the best email copy from the world’s best companies. Search for inspiration.

Hunter Templates: Over 250 templates of top-performing cold emails, sorted by category.


Branding Style Guides: Take some design inspiration from this directory of brand style guidelines. 

Design systems for email: bringing order to the chaos: Discover how Stack Overflow implemented an email design system.

Email design at Stack Overflow: Explore the consistently designed and properly rendered emails from Stack Overflow.

Email Design System For Sketch And Figma: A free UI kit which works with both Sketch and Figma.

Email design system guide: Scalable, consistent, and collaborative email design workflows from Blocks Edit.

Email Love: The best online email design, templates, and tools in one collection.

Email Tuna: Search for email design inspiration, current trends, competitive research, and email offers.

HTML Email Gallery: A huge collection of email design and inspiration, plus the latest tips and tricks. 

Milky Mail: Explore inspiring email designs and why they work.

Really Good Emails: A showcase of over 8,000 inspiring emails covering both design and code.

The Label: Creating a design system for email: Uli Gottwald from the Fashion Store explores the challenges and opportunities of email.

Treehouse Email Style Guide: Bounce by Treehouse explains how they create on-brand emails.

Stock photos

Burst: Free stock photos for websites and commercial use.

Unsplash: An ever-growing collection of freely usable images from around the world.

​​Pexels: Royalty-free videos and photos shared by creators.


Font Style Matcher: Align your fallback font’s x-height and widths using this handy tool.

Google Fonts: Free web fonts for your emails.

Sign up to Type E: An email newsletter devoted to typography in email.

The Complete Guide to Web Fonts in Email: Ever wanted to implement web fonts into email campaigns? Now you can.


3D Bay: The world’s largest collection of free 3D images for commercial use.

Blush Design: Create and customise stunning illustrations with collections made by artists everywhere.

LottieFiles: Create, edit, test, and display lightweight animations – ideal for email.

unDraw: Open source illustrations for any project you can imagine (including email).

Learning more about email marketing

There’s a lot of content out there on email marketing — and more comes out every day. So how do you sort the spam from the starred content? We’ve featured some of our favourite resources.

Blogs and guides

Developer’s Guide to Email: A guide for curious people who want to know more about how email works.

Mail Ninja Marketing Blog: Everything you wanted to know about digital marketing, including email.

Make Awesome Email: For new starters and self improvers, the ultimate getting started guide to email.

The Future of Email: A look at the future of email marketing. 100 pages of insights and predictions.


Email, Duh / SparkPost Videos: Email industry experts share their experiences and insights into the world of email.

EmailTalk: A podcast for email geeks, who want to do email marketing better.

Splat Chat: Email best practices and more from leading lights in the industry.

Leverage the right technology

Behind every great email marketer, there’s a well-organised and collaborative team making the most of the latest time-saving tech. Right? Collaborate, calculate, and sync calendars!

Collaboration A free, online, open source, security-first, diagramming tool – formerly known as

Figjam: Sketch ideas and connect them using online whiteboard software with diagram functionality.

Miro: Fast, free, and simple-to-use, Miro enables team collaboration via a digital whiteboard.


Campaign Production Calculator: See how much time you could save on email production by using the right tools.

Email Calculator: Get your metrics in moments by entering your latest email marketing stats.

Newsletter Referral Growth Calculator: Tap in a few deets to see what a SparkLoop referral program could do for your newsletter.


Avagate Email Marketing Calendar: Simplify the email scheduling process with this handy calendar tool with Sheets integration.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar: Schedule, see, and share your marketing calendar for maximum visibility in one place.

Email Marketing Calendar Example: Here’s what a good one looks like – see a clear example of an email marketing calendar.

More creative email building

Whether you’re frustrated by the daily battle with limited email templates, or tired of being overly dependent on an agency to get your email content looking its best, Knak’s email builder is a great way to exchange coding for creativity. Drag and drop your way to beautiful emails.

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