Having troubles with dark mode? You’ll want to read this

  • Serena Shearly

    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

Published Nov 29, 2022

Having troubles with dark mode? You’ll want to read this

What’s the hype with dark mode? It seems anywhere you look in an office space at least one person is staring at their darkened computer screen covered in white text. While the dark mode setting has swept the internet, many apps and interfaces have struggled to support this new user preference. But, with Knak you now have an extra leg up when preparing your content for dark mode. We’ve added new optimizing features to the Knak platform to give you confidence knowing your campaigns will always be seen just as you want them to.

How does Knak help with dark mode?

Knak has always given you optimization suggestions on how to make your emails and landing pages top-notch. We now offer optimization suggestions, specifically for dark mode right from the same screen you’re building in. If something may have an issue like a low colour contrast, Knak will show you exactly where it is, how to fix it, and sometimes even solve the problem for you automatically.

We know creating email campaigns that work in both light and dark mode is pretty labour intensive. You can’t simply have a dark blue logo in a sea of white because the second dark mode comes on, that dark blue may be sitting in a hard to see pit of black. Images, text, and colour contrast all need to be taken into consideration for the same reason.

Different softwares treat their own version of dark mode differently. The colour combinations used from one email client to another for example vary greatly. That’s why Knak’s dark mode addition is so important for this process.

You won’t only receive optimizing suggestions, but you’ll also see exactly what the campaigns will look like using Email Testing. Email Testing is another new addition to the Knak platform. You can see a variety of email clients’ renditions of your campaign in both light mode and dark mode to get that extra confidence you need to hit that send button.

How to ensure logo visibility

One of the most commonly searched issues in dark mode is ensuring your logo is visible. When companies pay designers sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for a logo’s creation, it’s important that that logo gets to their clients and customers clearly.

It’s the email designer’s job to maintain the integrity of the logo contrasting against both a light and dark background. This is challenging because dark logos can get lost in dark mode but what is the alternative? Changing an entire brand’s logo to be seen in dark? That doesn’t sound very cost effective or good for brand recognition. So what can be done?

Shining a light in the dark

There are a few ways in which this problem can be combated and the outcome boils down to the logo you’re working with, and the brand’s creative style. If the logo is visible against both dark and light surfaces, you’re on the right track. Just make sure that your logo’s background is transparent and you should be set.

If this isn’t the case, it’s time to get creative. Do you want to have a border around your logo? It could be rounded to look more artistic or it could have a highlight around the specific text. Some designers have gone as far as to add lighter shadows around their logo but again, this is all up to your brand’s guidelines, creativity, and approvals.

Keeping you always on-brand

Knak’s new dark mode feature will prompt designers before submitting their emails with ways to ensure the logo, images, and text are all seen correctly. As for your email creating process in dark mode, with Knak your options are limitless.

For more tips on how to make your campaigns pop in dark mode, read Nicole Merlin’s paper on 6 things to think about in dark mode here.

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  • Serena Shearly


    Serena Shearly

    Marketing Coordinator, Knak

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