Scaling Enterprise Campaign Creation across 100+ Marketers


Originally recorded on March 23, 2023

Moderated by Pierce Ujjainwalla, Co-Founder and CEO at Knak

Is your campaign creation process totally out of control? Does it feel like it’s MacGyvered together with duct tape? Is it taking you forever to get campaigns out the door? Are your marketers frustrated? Are they feeling like glorified data entry clerks? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Discover how two visionary marketing leaders – Don Le, Marketing Automation Lead at Meta, and Paul Wilson, VP of Marketing Operations and Technology at OneTrust – cut campaign costs, decreased time to market, and delighted their teams in the process – all while staying on brand.

You’ll learn how industry leaders empowered their global marketing teams to:

  • Move faster by streamlining collaboration and approvals  
  • Do better marketing by improving campaign performance  
  • Be more creative by empowering teams while staying on brand  
  • Save money!

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