The State of the Marketing Operations Professional - Webinar

Sep 16, 2022

With a volatile economic environment, savvy businesses are quickly realizing that strategic investment into the right technology can provide an edge against the competition.

"The State of the Marketing Operations Professional" research study by MarketingOps, in partnership with Knak and Adobe, surveyed 550+ MOPs to reveal how marketing teams now have the power to influence conversions, engagement, sales, and company outcomes.

In 2022, an experienced marketing operations professional is worth their weight in gold, or better yet, in revenue. So how can MOPs leverage this increased attention to support their team’s goals, onboard the technology they want, and get the promotions they deserve?

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How marketing operations professionals work best
  • The platforms and tools top teams are using for marketing operations
  • Ways to support marketing operations in your organization
  • The impact of effective marketing operations systems

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