Knak + Pardot

Knak is the only complete solution on the market that offers simple, drag-and-drop no-code campaign creation for email, landing pages and forms all in one platform with single sync to Pardot.

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Key features

  • No-code campaign creation for emails and landing pages with single sync to Pardot
  • Effortless brand control for users
  • Real-time collaboration for reviews and approvals
  • Ability to re-use modules and assets
  • Full campaign creation and approvals without having to extend access to Pardot
  • Email templates and layout templates created by Knak are fully editable in Pardot
  • Users can select which Pardot folder and campaign they want to sync their asset to

“As a Pardot shop, adding Knak to our MarTech stack was a no-brainer. Since onboarding Knak's email creation platform, we've been able to grow our click-through rates by 120% and significantly increase engagement on the WordPress VIP website as a result.”

— Christina Child, Lead Growth Marketer, WordPress VIP

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Empowers marketers to be creative

Knak allows for no-code emails and landing page creation, so marketers no longer have to wait for agencies or developers to hand-code their campaigns. This allows for more creative freedom.

Provides effortless brand control

Empowering marketers to create with the ability to apply brand control guardrails provides creative freedom while staying on-brand.

Speeds up time to market

Customers who use Knak get their campaigns to market 95% faster without having to wait for technical skills to become available.

Smarter campaign creation

Knak offers the ability for teams to strategically build campaigns that help collect the right data by connecting key campaign elements.

Enables real-time collaboration

Knak allows teams to connect creation, collaboration and approvals within one platform for emails, landing pages, and forms.

Increasing data protection

Using a creative email creation platform outside of Pardot allows more marketing team members to build creative emails and landing pages without having to access sensitive data or having to even step foot in Pardot.

Technical details

Integration type

Knak integrates with Pardot using the Pardot REST APIs.


All Knak emails are automatically synced to include all the required Pardot syntax.


Associate email templates with a Pardot campaign of your choice.

Sync restrictions

Sync restrictions can be set at the user level to control where users are able to sync their assets.

Expansive coverage

Knak can manage multiple Pardot instances from within one account.

Merge formats

By using Knak tags, data can be merged using either Pardot Merge Language (PML) or Handlebars Merge Language (HML).

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