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Knak + Veeva Vault

Veeva Vault

Veeva Vault is a specialized cloud-based content management system specifically built for the life sciences industry. Integrating Knak with Veeva Vault simplifies the email and marketing material synchronization process. This integration assists in efficiently managing content creation, approval, and distribution, adhering to strict regulatory standards.

What It Does

Knak's integration with Veeva Vault enhances email campaign and document management in the life sciences sector. It enables the direct sync of email campaigns and documents from Knak to Veeva Vault, facilitating collaboration and compliance with industry regulations. This integration aids in the seamless transition of digital content through its lifecycle, from creation and review to distribution, ensuring compliance and maintaining high-quality standards.

Key Features

  • Dedicated Veeva Vault User: Establish a dedicated Veeva Vault user for Knak to manage document metadata, apply document locks, and produce document versions effectively.
  • Simplified Integration Setup: Users can easily configure the integration within Knak's Admin section by adding Veeva Vault as a partner under Integrations > Platforms.
  • Submission Sync and CRM Sync:
    • Submission Sync: Allows for the initiation of an MLR review, by syncing a PDF of desktop and mobile previews to Veeva Vault Promomats. Documents can be locked for editing to ensure the asset under review is the latest version.
    • CRM Sync: Creates Email Template documents for use in Veeva CRM, with the document source being HTML from Knak, and allows for easy content updates.
  • Streamlined Document Management: Enhances the management of documents, focusing on compliance and revision control directly through Knak.
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Supports the MLR process by syncing email proofs for compliance and facilitating thorough record-keeping for regulatory adherence.

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