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Knak + TransPerfect (GlobalLink)

TransPerfect (GlobalLink)

TransPerfect (GlobalLink) is an industry leading translation partner that helps organizations maintain quality and cultural nuance at scale across +170 languages. Knak’s integration with TransPerfect (GlobalLink) allows you to:

  • Translate emails and landing pages to multiple languages at the same time
  • Complete creation and translation of emails and landing pages in one spot - that means no downloads, uploads, or logging into other tools

What it does

Knak's integration with TransPerfect (GlobalLink) is available for all TransPerfect customers and allows you to:

  • Request and receive translations from TransPerfect (GlobalLink) without having to leave Knak. This means you can request translation for multiple languages at once right from within Knak. This makes the process more efficient and accessible for your team, accomplishing everything in one tool.
  • Manage submissions and include context in TransPerfect (GlobalLink) requests. This means you can view the status of all submissions, when and who created them, and due dates.

Key features

  • Send directly to TransPerfect (GlobalLink) from within Knak: Send and receive translations directly from TransPerfect in Knak
    • Send emails from Knak to TransPerfect (GlobalLink) for translation services
    • Sending variants for translation to TransPerfect (GlobalLink) and receiving translations back in Knak
  • Create Variants: Create multiple variants (up to hundreds) from a single “base email”
    • Multi-language variants (English Vs Spanish)
    • Regional/localized variants (US Vs UK English)
    • Updating all variants based on the primary version
  • Manage Submissions:
    • Ability to display and filter on, a list of all submissions/jobs in the system along with their status, creator, dates etc.
    • Set name of submission along with due date
    • Add custom attributes/ fields to inform TransPerfect (GlobalLink) translators to context like business units it came from and priority.

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