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Knak + Slack


Slack is the default communication tool for marketing teams, offering real-time messaging, file sharing and powerful integrations. Knak’s integration with Slack allows you to send notifications about your Knak email and landing page assets to Slack users.

What It Does

Create a direct connection between Knak and Slack with this integration. By setting up this integration, you can send Knak in-app notifications in Slack. This means that you can keep everyone informed on the status of your marketing campaigns and assets like emails and landing pages in Slack.

Key Features

  • Easy Integration Setup: Users with Integration Creation Permissions can easily set up the Slack integration through the Admin section in Knak.
  • Seamless Connection to Slack Workspace: Teams can connect to their Slack workspace directly through Knak, ensuring that all members working with the Knak app are synchronized.
  • Automatic User Linking: Knak automatically links users to their Slack counterparts using matching email addresses, simplifying the process of receiving in-app notifications.
  • Individual Account Connection: For users with different email addresses in Knak and Slack, there's an option to link individual accounts by navigating to Manage Profile and following the auth flow.
  • In-App Notifications: Once the integration is set up, linked users will start receiving Knak notifications directly in Slack, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

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