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Knak + Okta


Okta is an identity management solution that provides secure access to applications across corporate environments. Integrating Okta with Knak for user provisioning automates the process of managing user access to Knak, enhancing the simplicity of onboarding and offboarding processes that adhere to your organization's security protocols.

What It Does

This integration enables automated user provisioning between Okta and Knak, leveraging Okta's SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) capabilities and OAuth 2.0 authentication. It allows administrators to easily manage user access to Knak, including creating, updating, and deactivating user accounts directly from Okta.

Key Features

  • OAuth Application Creation in Knak: Administrators need to create a new OAuth application in Knak to authenticate with Okta's SCIM API, which enables user provisioning.
  • SCIM Service Connection: Connect Okta to Knak's SCIM service by configuring the SCIM connector base URL, client ID, and client secret in Okta's application settings.
  • Automated User Management: Facilitates the import of new users and pushes user and profile updates from Okta to Knak, thereby enhancing efficiency in managing user access.
  • Secure Authentication: Utilizes OAuth for secure authentication between Okta and Knak, ensuring that user data is protected during provisioning processes.
  • User Provisioning and Assignment: Enables administrators to provision users to Knak via Okta, including the ability to create users and edit settings to manage user roles and access levels.