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Knak + Movable Ink

Movable Ink

The Movable Ink integration gives you a scalable approach to 1:1 personalization with offers and content based on behavior—right inside Knak’s simple drag-and-drop email builder. Easily insert Movable Ink blocks into your emails and then preview them just as your customers will see them, without touching any code in your marketing automation platform.

Key Features

Insert Movable Ink blocks into emails

  • Include multiple blocks in single email
  • Style and edit blocks to fit branding
  • Place blocks into Knak modules so they can be reused
  • Search Movable Ink libraries and find data points you need

Preview emails with Movable Ink content

  • Fully responsive so you can instantly view on desktop and mobile
  • Preview an email as a specific customer would see it instead of default Movable Ink fallback rendering, so you see how the email elements and Movable Ink blocks are working together
  • Share previews with your team so everyone knows the email looks right

Easy to add the integration

  • Connect to multiple Movable Ink instances at a time
Note: Knak does not store any of your Movable Ink data through this integration

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