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What it does

When it comes to getting an email or landing page out the door, collaboration and feedback is one of the most time consuming parts of the process. Knak has simplified that by integrating with to give you and your team more visibility into project status and feedback cycles.

That means you can:

  • View the status and comments from Knak in
  • Connect to original items, and import custom fields from your instance in Knak.

Key Features

  • In
    • View Sync status from Knak to so the rest of your team knows if the email was (review, draft, approved).
    • Sync comments in Knak to so you can see the history of feedback and collaboration on a specific asset in

  • In Knak
    • quick links directly connect you to the correct line item in in a new tab/window. That means you can find the original request in and view the history, past comments, and parent project it’s part of.
    • Import custom fields from instance to view in Knak. That means you can view important organization-specific data that helps you make informed decisions while you are creating.

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