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Knak + Braze


Braze is a customer engagement platform known for its ability to help marketers deliver fully orchestrated customer journeys. Knak’s integration with Braze allows you to create beautiful emails with a no-code email builder and sync them to your Braze account. Manage your email and campaign creation process in Knak and let Braze orchestrate customer journeys.

What It Does

Knak’s integration with Braze makes it easy to streamline email campaigns. Here’s how:

  • No-code email editor: Knak’s email builder allows you to create emails without needing to write a line of code
  • Asset approval: Collaborate with your entire team to develop assets that are approved by all stakeholders in a timely manner
  • One-click integration: Sync assets created in Knak to your Braze account

Key Features

  • Develop email templates in Knak, send them to Braze for additional personalization and usage in customer journeys
  • API integration between Braze and Knak makes it easy to securely and quickly sync email assets
  • Sync emails to your Braze programs and find them in Engagement > Templates & Media in your Braze account

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