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Knak + Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is project management and collaboration software that helps marketers plan, collaborate, and launch marketing campaigns. Knak’s integration with Workfront allows teams to connect project management tasks with asset creation in Knak. The integration is designed to improve efficiency, enhance collaboration on asset creation, and smooth out approval flows for email and landing page creation.

What It Does

This integration connects Workfront projects and tasks directly to assets within Knak, enabling users to manage and track the development of marketing materials from a centralized platform. It leverages OAuth2 for secure authentication, ensuring data integrity and security between the two platforms.

Key Features

  • Submit your Knak asset to Workfront and initiate the proofing process, allowing Workfront users to comment and review the document using the ProofHQ tool
  • Link Workfront tasks or project with specific assets in Knak to improve workflow management
  • Improve collaboration of your teams by making project requirements, statuses, and updates available within both Knak and Workfront
  • Set up a secure integration using OAuth2 authentication method for safe data exchange.
  • Import custom fields from the Workfront instance to view in Knak. That means you can view important organization-specific data that helps you make informed decisions while you are creating.

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